LegalZoom Trademark Reviews: Everything You Should Know!

Trademark Registration LegalZoom Trademark Reviews: Everything You Should Know!

Everything You Need to Know Before Using LegalZoom Trademark Services

Legalzoom stands among the leading companies assisting businesses and individuals with various legal procedures. However, an online search of LegalZoom trademark reviews leaves you wondering if the company is suitable enough to handle your trademark registration process.

Some say the legal service provider has reasonable tariffs and quick turnaround times. However, others complain that Legalzoom's trademark application process is sometimes flawed, leading to unwarranted rejections.

So, is Legalzoom good for trademarks? The following honest Legalzoom trademark review helps you decide. We have also reviewed Experian, LifeLock, Equifax, Fastweb, and FormSwift services to make you more informed.

However, if you do not want to gamble with the important process, get help from DoNotPay, the world's famous robotic lawyer. Our app receives the trademark registration job done quickly, conveniently, and in a less-frustrating way.

What Is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is an all-in-one online platform helping professionals, businesses, and individuals with legal advice on issues like an estate plan, property deeds, LLC formation, trademark registration, and more.

Since LegalZoom is less-costly and convenient, people regard it as a good option for entities that want ongoing legal services without hiring an in-house team of attorneys. The virtual legal assistant has operated in the legal sphere for around 20 years.

Below is DoNotPay’s honest Legalzoom trademark review.

How Does LegalZoom’s Trademark Registration Process Work?

LegalZoom conducts a trademark search and helps you fill out the trademark registration form. Afterward, LegalZoom submits the duly filled and signed form to USPTO.

Trademarking is a crucial process for businesses wanting to stay unique from competitors. The process prevents rivals from using your brand's name, logo, symbol, slogan, or other intellectual property without permission.

Apart from protecting brand identity, trademarking:

  1. Gives you the power to sue companies using or misusing your creations
  2. Saves you from infringing other people's trademarks
  3. Simplifies business registration in foreign countries
  4. Helps regulate counterfeits that can taint your reputation
  5. Gives exclusive ownership to the trademarked symbols

How to Get LegalZoom’s Trademark Services?

Trademarking your logo, name, slogan, business name, or any other intellectual property through LegalZoom starts with signing up for a user account, choosing the name to trademark, providing a description of your services, and paying for services.

After paying for the service, Legalzoom assigns you an assistant to walk you through the trademark registration process. It costs $599 + USPTO fees to apply for a trademark through this legal service provider.

While the $599 fee seems high, LegalZoom trademark reviews from individuals who've tried the company claim it is worth it. Why? With the fees, you get an attorney to guide you through the process.

Also, you get free registration for a second trademark if USPTO rejects the first mark.

What Can’t LegalZoom Help Me With?

LegalZoom cannot help when someone sues you for infringing their trademark or when you want to sue rivals infringing your logo, slogan, or business name. In such circumstances, you must appoint a trademark attorney to help sue perpetrators or defend you.

Moreover, LegalZoom cannot offer legal advice, guidance, and suggestions related to trademarks. Therefore, if you want professional legal advice regarding trademarking, you must get a trademark attorney.

LegalZoom vs DoNotPay Explained

Besides trademark registration, LegalZoom helps with paperwork regarding divorce, contracts, and agreements. Furthermore, LegalZoom helps with leases, wills, deeds, name changes, estate planning, licenses, taxes, and compliance services.

DoNotPay works like LegalZoom, but it offers several extras like canceling subscriptions, filing SEC complaints, filing police reports, fighting workplace discrimination, and suing perpetrators.

What Are the Differences Between LegalZoom and DoNotPay?

Many LegalZoom trademark reviews suggest that LegalZoom specializes in helping clients fill out the documents needed to complete various legal procedures.

On the other hand, DoNotPay focuses on assisting people in fighting unfair practices associated with parking fees, subscriptions, payments, and more.

The table shows more differences between Legalzoom and DoNotPay.

PricesCosts $36 yearlyPackages range from $79 up to $599+ government fees
Scope of ServicesMajors in contesting bureaucracy, suing perpetrators, and fighting corporationsMajors in completing application processes for various legal procedures
FeaturesFast, successful, easy to useEasy to use, provides ongoing help
AccessibilityApp and WebsiteApp and Website
SupportAvailable through the email address (replies within 24 hours)
  • Available through toll-free number 877-483-0138 (Monday - Friday 10 am - 8 pm EST)
  • Customer Care

(888) 379-0854

Mon-Fri 5 am-7 pm PT

Weekends 7 am-4 pm PT

Pros and Cons of LegalZoom and DoNotPay

Legalzoom Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Cheaper than hiring an attorney
  •  Excellent customer support
  • Helps with multiple legal services


  • Expensive than other platforms
  • Pricey add-ons

DoNotPay Pros and Cons


  • Helps with all legal services
  • Easy to operate
  • Guarantees success
  • More affordable than other platforms


  • No refunds after canceling a subscription midway

LegalZoom vs DoNotPay in a Nutshell

LegalZoom and DoNotPay are great companies for people seeking ongoing legal help but lack a budget for an in-house team of attorneys. The two legal services providers, LegalZoom and DoNotPay, help through various legal tasks at low prices.

While both services are helpful, DoNotPay is a better alternative to LegalZoom. DoNotPay manages your bills, protects you from scams, defends you against injustice, and helps you defeat bureaucracy. Its rival, Legalzoom, does not offer such services.

Let DoNotPay Help You With Trademark Registration

Unlike LegalZoom, DoNotPay prides itself on three things — speeding up the trademark registration process, providing an easy experience, and ensuring that you register your slogan, name, logo, or anything else successfully.

For a successful trademark registration process, DoNotPay conducts a trademark search to avoid the chances of infringing an already-existing one. After the search, DoNotPay helps complete the USPTO application process.

To try out our services, follow this 5-step process.

  1. Select the type of trademark you are registering (business name, slogan, or logo). 
  2. Describe the trademark in more detail, including what it's used for and what product/service you provide. Provide evidence if you've already started using this trademark for business.


  3. Select which class (category) you would like to apply under.


  4. Tell us more about your company and the owner of the trademark.


  5. Pay the $250 USPTO filing fee.

After furnishing us with the information above, DoNotPay fills out the trademark application form with every detail needed. Before submitting the form to USPTO, our smart app lets you review and sign the form.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay does not just fill out trademark registration forms, but we also:

Register a user account today, and let us manage the stressful process of applying for a trademark. We hope our LegalZoom trademark reviews helped you make an informed decision.

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