LegalZoom Divorce Review: Is It the Best Option for You?

Divorce Certificates LegalZoom Divorce Review: Is It the Best Option for You?

LegalZoom Divorce Review: Is It the Best Option for You?

Some users claim that LegalZoom's divorce application process is easy, has a money-back guarantee, and gives access to skilled divorce attorneys. Others claim that LegalZoom makes mistakes when filling out forms and is more expensive than most of its rivals.

The conflicting LegalZoom divorce reviews leave you wondering if using the company is worth your money and time. So, is LegalZoom legit for divorce? If you are already discouraged by the negative LegalZoom divorce reviews, try out DoNotPay, a fast, successful, and convenient alternative. We also analyzed Formswift, Experian, Fastweb, Equifax, and LifeLock to give you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

What Is LegalZoom?

The online legal service provider, LegalZoom, helps clients complete the legal documents needed in divorce, estate planning, contracts, trademarks, LLC formation, corporate dissolution, and tax compliance. LegalZoom prides itself in simplifying complex legal procedures alongside providing excellent customer support to its clients. The company has served millions of customers for the 20 years it has operated.

How Does LegalZoom Divorce Service Work?

LegalZoom helps fill out documents like divorce petitions, affidavits of service, divorce forms, settlement agreements, divorce certificates, and other divorce papers required to end a marriage formally.

To initiate the divorce process through LegalZoom:

  1. Access LegalZoom's online divorce service
  2. Create a user account specifying your residence, date of marriage, children, property,  and other details.
  3. Pay an upfront fee
  4. Let LegalZoom fill out the divorce paperwork
  5. Review the paperwork and submit it through LegalZoom

How much does it cost to divorce using LegalZoom? The divorce service costs $499, a reason why you could have come across a LegalZoom divorce review claiming that LegalZoom is more costly than rivals like DoNotPay.

What Can't LegalZoom Help Me With?

LegalZoom cannot help with a contested type of divorce as it is complex. For such a case, you require an experienced attorney to guide you through the processes, alongside helping you get the best outcome. Also, LegalZoom cannot offer the emotional support you need to battle a divorce. Therefore, without professional guidance, sadness, confusion, anger, fear, and depression could push you to make regrettable divorce decisions.

LegalZoom vs. DoNotPay Explained

LegalZoom and DoNotPay offers access to various legal services at a low price. With the tools, you get ongoing legal assistance on business, family, real estate, taxes, permits, agreements, and finance. Despite the similarities, LegalZoom offers its legal services with the assistance of human attorneys who charge expensively. In contrast, DoNotPay offers its services with the help of cheaper artificial intelligence.

What Are the Differences Between LegalZoom and DoNotPay?

Price is the primary dissimilarity between LegalZoom and DoNotPay with DoNotPay costing a fraction of what its competitor costs. Other differences between the two online legal service providers include:

Price$499+addons$36 every 3 months
Scope of ServiceFilling out applications for various legal processesFills out forms for legal procedures, sues perpetrators, raises complaints, and enhances the safety of private information.
AccessibilityWebsiteApp and Site
SupportContact through phone number (800) 773-0888Reachable through email address
How it WorksAttorney-led legal servicesUses artificial intelligence to offer online legal services.

Pros and Cons of LegalZoom and DoNotPay

LegalZoom Pros & Cons


  • Responsive customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gives access to divorce attorneys
  • Easy to use


  • Costly
  • Lengthy online questionnaire

DoNotPay Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Offers several legal services
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks money-back guarantee

LegalZoom vs. DoNotPay in a Nutshell

LegalZoom and DoNotPay offer related services, but they have a couple of differences.

DoNotPay is cheaper. Besides, unlike LegalZoom, DoNotPay uses artificial intelligence to provide legal assistance instead of the usual human knowledge.

Let DoNotPay Help You With Divorce

DoNotPay, the world's leading robotic lawyer, is designed to make the divorce process easy, fast, and successful at a low price. So, if you want to file for a non-contested divorce or you want a copy of your divorce certificate, do not struggle on your own. For a copy of your divorce certificate, here is the process to get the job done within a short time and successfully:

  1. Go to the Certificates of Divorce product on DoNotPay.


  2. Select whether the certificate belongs to you or a relative/loved one. If it belongs to someone else, enter the details of both people on the certificate, and select/upload evidence that proves your relationship with them. If the certificate is yours, enter the details of your spouse.


  3. Enter the city, state, and county where the divorce certificate and original divorce certificate were issued as well as the dates they were issued on.


  4. Indicate what you will be using this certificate for, and choose whether you need an authorized or certified copy.


  5. Enter your contact information and shipping address. Upload copies of your government-issued identification, such as a driver's license.


  6. Choose whether you would like to electronically sign this form or not. Once we generate the form, verify that all of the information is correct.


  7. If you need the document to be notarized, schedule a notarization appointment using our Notary product. Otherwise, proceed to our Mail Checks product and let DoNotPay mail-in your request form with a check on your behalf.


What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Filing for divorce or helping you get a copy of your divorce certificate is not the only thing that DoNotPay can do. But, the AI attorney can also help you sue people, file complaints, cancel subscriptions, or ask for compensation.

Some of the typical tasks that DoNotPay executes include:

Sign up for DoNotPay to expedite your divorce process or get a copy of your divorce certificate. Our app is easy to use, quick, and successful.

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