We Read All LegalZoom Reviews — Here's What To Know!

Standardized Legal Documents We Read All LegalZoom Reviews — Here's What To Know!

We Read All LegalZoom Reviews — Here's What To Know!

LegalZoom reviews indicate that the company has a positive reputation on review sites like ConsumerAffairs and the Better Business Bureau. As an online service provider, LegalZoom is a one-stop solution to fulfill all your legal requirements. The company has effectively set up a limited liability company (LLC), providing legal assistance about intellectual property, family, and personal issues.

LegalZoom is used by businesses to obtain legal services at set prices. Some of them come with a business advisory plan that guarantees firms always have access to legal advice and evaluations. Small enterprises without internal legal departments or attorneys who require legal services now have a great pick in the corporation. They also have a support page to address inquiries.

You can use the LegalZoom reviews in this article to determine whether their legal service is appropriate for you. DoNotPay, an ideal option, is designed to satisfy all your legal requirements by providing you with a quick and simple solution to create legal documents.

What You Need to Know About LegalZoom Reviews

LegalZoom offers a wide range of services to businesses, right from the establishment of an LLC to the filing of a trademark. Additionally, you can choose to use the company's services, which include creating specific legal documents and a subscription-based business advisory package for ongoing legal support.

LegalZoom Services

LegalZoom provides the following services:

Establishing BusinessesIt can help you in starting a corporation and filing for legal documents in your state. Some of the business formations LegalZoom can form are limited liability partnership, LLC, S-corporation, limited partnership, and C-corporation.
Offering for Business FunctionsYou can create operating agreements, yearly reports, and other compliance documents with LegalZoom. It also helps you apply for and seek a business license and federal tax ID.
Business Advisory ProgramThis entails LegalZoom reviews of contracts and other legal documents and annual organization evaluation. The service also enables you to have an opportunity for legal consultation on developing issues.
Intellectual PropertyBusinesses can apply for a patent or copyright protection, and also register and manage trademarks through services.

How Much Is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom offers a wide variety of services, as already mentioned. This demonstrates that you will pay a different price depending on which service you select.

Have a look at the LegalZoom pricing plan:

  • To establish a corporation, you will pay as much as $149 and the state filing fee.
  • To register agent services, you will incur $249 yearly.
  • To form LLC, you will pay a starting fee of $79 plus the state filing fee.
  • Registration of trademarks costs around $249 plus a federal filing fee if you wish to do it by yourself, and approximately 599 along with a federal fee if you seek a lawyer's service.
  • If you want to form a non-profitable organization, you will pay a starting fee of $99 plus the state filing fee.
  • LegalZoom provides a business advisory scheme for an annual and six-month plan, costing $31.25 and $36 monthly, respectively.
  • DBA registration costs around $99 plus the state filing fee, while creating a yearly report with LegalZoom will cost you a starting fee of $55 plus the filing fee.
  • Application for copyright costs $144 plus the filing fee.

Some of LegalZoom Weak Points You Should Know

While LegalZoom pride itself as one of the best organizations for providing legal services, it has some weak points you may need to consider before using its services. For instance:

  1. It has a slow turnaround time: Compared to its competitors, the company has a low turnaround time. For example, it can take up to 30 days to receive your legal documents, unlike some organizations that can give them to you within 7 days.
  2. LegalZoom services are quite expensive for establishing a business: The Company's one-off services are priced on the higher side. Business formation with LegalZoom costs $79 plus the state filing fee, while you can get the service for free in other organizations.
  3. The company's one-time legal assistance is not favorable: For instance, unless you subscribe to LegalZoom's monthly business legal plan, your documents won't be reviewed. In addition, you can only consult a lawyer if you enroll in the Business Advisory plan.

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