Drafting Legally Binding Contracts Without a Lawyer

Standardized Legal Documents Drafting Legally Binding Contracts Without a Lawyer

Make Legally Binding Contracts Fast and Easy

Every time you enter a business agreement, you must take measures to protect your interests. The best way to do it is by creating a legally binding contract stating both parties’ terms and expectations.

You may think you need a lawyer to create a legal document, but that is not the case. DoNotPay will show you how to generate legally binding contracts without spending too much time and money!

What Constitutes a Legally Binding Contract?

A contract is an agreement between two parties that defines their respective rights and responsibilities. To be legally binding, a contract needs to meet certain criteria. Most legally valid documents have to contain two essential elements:

  • Parties must agree on the offer made by one and accepted by the other party
  • Something valuable must be exchanged between two parties, such as cash or services

Some contracts can be legally voidable, even if they fulfill all conditions. A judge will dismiss a contract if:

  • Contract’s form is not adequate (verbal agreements are the best example)
  • Subject matter of the contract is illegal
  • One party was forced into an agreement
  • Current status of the person entering the contract jeopardizes its validity—a minor or a mentally incapacitated individual

How To Make a Contract Legal

A contract doesn’t have to contain complicated legal terms to be legally valid. Any agreement written in simple English that meets the predetermined criteria is enforceable in court.

Take a look at a more detailed explanation of legally binding contracts in the table below:

Elements of a Legally-Binding ContractDescription


One party has to make an offer to the other. The offer has to:

  • Contain specifics, such as the price and description of a product or service
  • Be made to a specific offeree or a group of offerees
  • Have a deadline for accepting the offer


The acceptance implies that the offeree has objectively reviewed the terms and conditions of the contract and agreed to them. Most legally valid contracts have a determined period for leaving the offer open. During that period, an offeror can:

  • Expect a counteroffer
  • Revoke the original offer

Once the offeree accepts the offer, you can create a binding agreement


Consideration is a promise of both parties that they will act according to the agreed conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions include elements such as:

  • How and where to deliver an item?
  • What will the payment form be?
  • Can the buyer ask for a refund?

Can I Create a Legally Binding Agreement Myself?

There are several ways to create a legally binding agreement, including:

  1. Hiring a lawyer
  2. Writing a contract yourself
  3. Downloading an online contract template
  4. Using DoNotPay

Hiring a lawyer is one of the safest options for creating a legally valid document. Lawyers know the terminology, necessary contract elements, and tricks for handling possible disputes. The downside is the price. Lawyers’ services are expensive, and most agreements don’t require such a level of expertise. 

You can draft an agreement and have an attorney look it over. That way, you will pay less and still have a confirmation you met all the criteria.

Downloading a contract template is the cheapest but also the riskiest option. Online contract templates are too vague, and it would be difficult to find one that meets your requirements. The safest option is to use DoNotPay. We offer assistance in creating various legal documents at an affordable price!

Which Legal Documents Can DoNotPay Create for You?

DoNotPay makes creating legal documents easy! You won’t have to research endlessly to write a contract yourself. DoNotPay will do all the legwork for you!

Our Standardized Legal Documents product uses your information to create a personalized, legally binding contract. You only have to provide essential details, such as:

  • Names of the parties entering the agreement
  • Your state of residence
  • Dates of the duration 
  • Terms of the contract

Take a look at some of the legal documents we can create for you:



  • General Business Contract


  • Bill of Sale
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Promissory Note
  • General Affidavit
  • Estoppel Certificate
  • Intent To Purchase Real Estate

Create a Legally Binding Document With DoNotPay

Creating a legal document with DoNotPay takes mere minutes. Access our app from your web browser and proceed as follows:

  1. Find our Standardized Legal Documents product
  2. Type in the name of the document you wish to create
  3. Answer a few questions from our chatbot
  4. Wait for your personalized contract to arrive

In case you want to create an agreement yourself, DoNotPay can give you the necessary instructions! Use our knowledge base to write:

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