Easily Obtain a Lee County Marriage Certificate Copy

Marriage Certificates Easily Obtain a Lee County Marriage Certificate Copy

Easily Obtain a Lee County Marriage Certificate ASAP

There are several reasons why a person would want to obtain their marriage certificate, including changing their name to their spouse's name, filing taxes, obtaining health benefits from their spouse's plan, or even opening a shared bank account. If you were married in Lee County, FL, you can obtain a free copy of your marriage certificate online. However, you will have to pay for a certified copy, which requires you to request the county clerk of the court's office.

Fortunately, DoNotPay can help you obtain your  quickly and easily.

What's the Difference Between a Marriage License and a Marriage Certificate?

Many people think a marriage license and a marriage certificate are the same things. However, they are actually two separate documents. Here are some of the differences.

  • A marriage license is a document that you must obtain before you get married.
  • A marriage certificate is a document that proves you are married.

How It Works in Lee County

Before a couple gets married, they obtain a marriage license from the Clerk of the Court in the county where they live. After the marriage takes place and the license is filled out and signed by each spouse, their officiant, and witnesses, it is returned to the clerk, who will file and record the document and report the marriage to the Bureau of Vital Statistics for permanent filing. This process takes about 60 days in Florida, after which time, the certificate of marriage is available through the Clerk of the Court's office.

How to Obtain a Lee County Marriage Certificate on Your Own

If you need a certified copy of your Lee County marriage certificate, and you want to tackle this task by yourself, you have these options:

OnlineLee County Marriage Certificate Search Page
Phone Number1 (877) 572-6332
Mailing AddressLee County

PO Box 2278, Fort Myers,

FL 33901

In-Person115 2nd Street, 2nd Floor, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

Requesting a certified copy of the marriage certificate online through myfloridacounty.com -- you will be charged a website service fee for this option which will be applied when you pay by credit card.

Certified copies of your marriage certificate will cost $1 per page plus $2 per document for certification fees.

Obtaining the Certificate Through the Bureau of Vital Statistics

In addition to the option of obtaining your marriage certificate through the Lee County Clerk's office, you can also obtain one online through the state Bureau of Vital Statistics.

  • However, obtaining one this way will result in higher fees, including $15 for the first certified copy including a fee to rush the document to you.
  • There is also a $7 fee associated with verifying your identity after a request has been made and $4 per additional certified copy.

Three Problems Often Encountered When Requesting a Marriage Certificate

While Lee County does provide multiple options for obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate, the process is not without its problems, including:

  1. You must provide identification, such as a government ID (driver's license). If you request your marriage certificate online or through the mail, you must send copies of your official documents, which increases the potential of identity theft.
  2. Requesting a copy through the mail requires you to send in a check or obtain a money order from the post office, increasing the time and hassle involved in the process.
  3. If you want to obtain the certificate in person, you must comply with the operating hours of the Clerk of the Court.

How DoNotPay Can Help You Obtain Your Marriage Certificate

If you require a certified copy of your Lee County marriage certificate, DoNotPay allows you the ability to digitally apply for the certificate by answering a few simple questions. Here is how the process works:

  1. Go to the Certificates of Marriage product on DoNotPay. 
  2. Select whether the certificate belongs to you or a relative/loved one. If it belongs to someone else, enter the details of both people on the certificate, and select/upload evidence that proves your relationship with them. If the certificate is yours, enter the details of your spouse. 
  3. Enter the city, state, and county where the marriage certificate was issued as well as the date it was issued. 
  4. Indicate what you will be using this certificate for, and choose whether you need an authorized or certified copy. 
  5. Enter your contact information and shipping address. Upload copies of your government-issued identification, such as a driver's license. 
  6. Choose whether you would like to electronically sign this form or not. Once we generate the form, verify that all of the information is correct. 
  7. If you need the document to be notarized, schedule a notarization appointment using our Notary product. Otherwise, proceed to our Mail Checks product and let DoNotPay mail-in your request form with a check on your behalf.


We will send your marriage certificate request to Lee County, and you should hear back within a few weeks.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay not only saves you time and effort when obtaining a certified copy of your marriage certificate, but we also can help with several other tasks such as disputing parking tickets, filing a legal complaint, or canceling subscriptions. To learn more about all the things DoNotPay can do for you, sign in or sign up today.

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