The #1 Way to Reach Inmates at Leath Correctional Institution

Connect With an Inmate The #1 Way to Reach Inmates at Leath Correctional Institution

The #1 Way to Reach Inmates at Leath Correctional Institution

Leath Correctional Institution is a women's correctional facility in Greenwood, South Carolina, opened in 1991. It is a level three facility, meaning that it is equivalent to a maximum-security prison. It holds up to a maximum of 968 female inmates who are provided with mental health services and routine medical and dental care.

Leath Correctional Institution offers educational courses to inmates to learn how to read and gain skills in electrical, painting, HVAC, tiling, plumbing, sheetrock, and masonry. Additionally, inmates are employed in a t-shirt manufacturing plant and an operation that produces braille textbooks.

The facility offers religious services for all faiths, addiction counseling group therapy, anger management, job readiness, creative writing workshop, alcoholics anonymous, violence prevention, character arts program, and impact of crime program.

Where is Leath Correctional Institution Located?

Leath Correctional Institution is located just east of Greenwood County airport. You can contact the facility in the following ways:

Physical AddressLeath Correctional Institution,

2809 Airport Road,

Greenwood, SC 29649



Inmate Mailing AddressInmate name and ID number

Leath Correctional Institution

2809 Airport Road

Greenwood, SC 29649

How to Contact Inmates at Leath Correctional Institution

Every correctional facility has its own rules. Here are the guidelines for contacting inmates at the Leath Correctional Institution.


During the Covid 19 pandemic, visitations to inmates in Leath Correctional Institution were prohibited, but recently, visitors are slowly being allowed back. Visitation is through a defined schedule, and visitors must be pre-approved before visiting.

They must apply for visitation and get reviewed through a background check before they can be allowed in. Visitation hours are from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, and visitors must comply with strict dressing, punctuality, and luggage rules.

Sending and Receiving Mails

Inmates are allowed to receive and send mails, but you are restricted from receiving money, stamps, food, and papers. All mail must be opened and inspected before handing them to the inmate. Sometimes, the officers might read the mails if they suspect any illegal activity. If you intend to send mail to an inmate, make sure to include their name, Id, and postal address of Leath correctional institution.


Inmates in Leath Correctional Institution are allowed to make outgoing prepaid and collect calls. All calls are monitored and recorded and can be discontinued if considered suspicious. Prepaid calls are slightly discounted over collect calls and are billed at a flat rate every 15 minutes.

The phone service provider in Leath Correctional Services is the GTL (Global Tel*Link) Connect Network, and inmates can reduce their phone bills by setting up an account with them.

Receiving Money

Most correctional services in South Carolina, including Leath, use a centralized bank system. Family and friends of the inmates can deposit to the inmate's trust account by internet, phone, walk-in, or mail.

Before sending money to the inmate, include The Inmates name, Identification Number, and name of the correctional institution. If you make a walk-in deposit at any MoneyGram location, you will be charged a fee of $4.95. The amount charged in the other transactions depends on how much you transact.

Difficulties you May Experience Contacting Loved Ones in Correctional Institutions

It’s not easy to connect with an inmate. Here’s what you can encounter:

  1. Inaccessibility of the facility as some are located in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Expensive phone rates make communicating difficult
  3. Visitor's restriction
  4. Long waiting time for the approval of visiting time

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