How to Easily Make a Reservation at Le Fat

How to Easily Make a Reservation at Le Fat

It's nice to eat out after a hard day of work, or even just as a treat on the weekends. is a popular Vietnamese restaurant located in midtown Atlanta, and it's currently open for reservations! All you need to do is go online or call the restaurant directly.

Although reservations are a surefire way to get a table, many people understandably avoid them. A restaurant reserves the right to ask for your personal information before booking, including your credit card! If you're worried about pre-emptive charges before your meal, DoNotPay can look into it.

What Is Le Fat in Georgia?

Le Fat is a Georgia-exclusive local restaurant, serving a variety of Vietnamese dishes for both late lunches and dinners. Guy Wong, who is also the executive chef, owns the restaurant.

In addition to great food, patrons can also appreciate the French-colonial architecture of . Some French cuisine can also be found on the main menu, and there are French pastries at the dessert counter.

Does Le Fat Take Reservations?

There are two ways to make a reservation at Le Fat.

Through OpenTable

OpenTable is an easy-to-use reservation website. You don't have to have an OpenTable account before making a reservation. However, you earn points with an account that can be used towards free reservations.

By Phone

For phone reservations, you can contact Le Fat by calling 404-439-9850. To assure that someone assists you quickly, you'll need to call during regular business hours:

  • Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 5 PM to 10 PM
  • Friday and Saturday: 5 PM to 11 PM

It's not necessary to have a reservation, as Le Fat welcomes walk-ins. However, placing your reservation beforehand guarantees that you'll have a seat.

How to Make Le Fat Reservations on Your Own

The Le Fat website has a link to the OpenTable application conveniently located at the bottom of each page. To use it, simply:

  1. Enter the date, time, and the number of people you'd like to have on the reservation.
  2. Choose the best available time slot.
  3. Choose between an indoor or outdoor seat. You're free to visit the bar or dessert counter, but you can't make a reservation for those.
  4. Provide your full name, email address, and phone number.
  5. Hit confirm and your reservation is made.

For phone reservations, just call Le Fat and ask to make dining arrangements. Staff might be busy depending on when you call, so use OpenTable if you want to be assisted quickly.

The Hassle of Using Credit Cards for Reservations

Sometimes, a restaurant will require you to enter your credit card info to confirm your reservation. Unless explicitly stated by the restaurant, you should never be charged simply for booking. For many restaurants, this is to put a fee on your card in the event of a short-notice cancellation.

It's somewhat understandable for a restaurant that doesn't want to waste time preparing tables for guests that never arrive. Still, handing over your credit card information is an invasion of your privacy. OpenTable will always tell you if a credit card authorization is required prior to confirming your dates.

Le Fat currently does not have such a policy in place. However, restaurants and lounges can update their reservation policies at any time. You may get an email hours before your reservation asking for your credit card number.

Common reasons why a restaurant might instill this policy include:

  • An increase in cancellations/no-shows
  • The restaurant is having a busy season
  • There's a popular event going on near the restaurant

DoNotPay Takes the Stress Out of Dinner Reservations

Anxious is the last thing you want to be on your special night out! At DoNotPay, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy making reservations regardless of whether or not they own a credit card.

With the DoNotPay Burner Credit Card, it's no longer necessary to have your personal information at the mercy of these restaurants. If Le Fat ever changes its pre-reservation policies, you'll be prepared.

Before you visit Le Fat again, all you have to do is:

  1. Search "Reservation Credit Card" on DoNotPay.

  2. Tell us the name of the hotel, restaurant, or other services you want to use this card for.

With just one click, you've got a virtual credit card number to confirm your reservation. If you end up getting past the system without entering any payment info, then congrats! You're one step ahead when you need to make a reservation elsewhere!

Satisfied users love our Burner Card for Reservations product because it's:

  • Always quick to generate your one-time number
  • Definitely simpler than applying for a card from a credit card company
  • Guaranteed to pass the authorization check without you handing over any other details!

DoNotPay's Burner Reservation Cards Work Anywhere

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