Should You Choose the LawDepot Child Travel Consent Form?

Child Travel Consent Form Should You Choose the LawDepot Child Travel Consent Form?

A LawDepot Child Travel Consent Form in a Nutshell

LawDepot is a web-based legal documents service company from Canada. The company offers numerous contract templates that you can download, customize, and use. One of the documents that you can create with the help of LawDepot is a minor travel consent form.

In this article, we will break down the LawDepot child travel consent form. DoNotPay will help you decide if LawDepot is the right choice for you and offer an alternative!

When Do I Need a Child Travel Consent Form?

A child travel consent is needed whenever the child is traveling without both parents. A minor travel consent form enables the child to travel both domestically and internationally. 

Common situations where a child travel consent form is required are when a minor is traveling:

  • Alone
  • With a group (a church group or sports team)
  • Accompanied by another family member (such as a grandparent)
  • With any adult who is not a parent or legal guardian (for example, a friend, coach, school teacher)
  • With one parent

It’s a good idea for both parents to sign the child travel consent, but one signature will do for official purposes. If the child is traveling with one parent, the parent who is not accompanying the child must sign the form. 

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Child Travel Consent Form?

According to the U.S. Border and Customs Protection, all children under 18 who travel unaccompanied by both parents should have the child travel consent form. 

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), customs officers, and immigration agents have the right to ask for the form if they notice something suspicious. Failure to produce the document upon request can result in the child and the adult being detained until the situation is clarified.

How To Create a LawDepot Child Travel Consent Form

LawDepot enables you to create your document by typing in the relevant information. The website incorporates the details you provide into a customized child travel consent form. Here is what the process entails:

  1. Go to the LawDepot website
  2. Type in the name of the document in the search engine
  3. Choose the type of travel you are consenting to
  4. Click on Create My Document
  5. Enter the information manually one by one, including:
    • Information about the child
    • Details about the guardian
    • Information about the non-traveling parent
  6. Choose a subscription plan
  7. Provide your contact and payment information and hit Submit

Does Offer a Free Child Travel Consent Form?

LawDepot offers a one-week free trial, during which you can create forms without charges. After the free trial expires, it will renew automatically to a monthly subscription. 

If you decide to use LawDepot long term, here are the prices:

  • Monthly subscription—$33 for creating various legal documents
  • Yearly subscription—$95 (you can pay upfront or $7.99 monthly to access all LawDepot services)
  • Per document—$39 for a child travel consent form

If you are already subscribed to LawDepot but don’t need the company’s services anymore, we can help you cancel the LawDepot subscription in a few simple steps.

Drawbacks of Using a LawDepot Child Travel Consent Form Template

LawDepot won’t allow you to download the form unless you disclose personal information, including your credit card details. If you, by any chance, forget to cancel the subscription after the free trial, you’ll be stuck with a monthly payment for a service you don't really need. 

Many customer reviews testify that the prices are too high. Some users even complain that they still got charged even though they canceled the free trial after a couple of days.

You also need to enter all relevant information the first time. In case you don’t have all the details regarding your child’s trip straight away, you will likely have to pay to update it. 

Do I Have To Get My LawDepot Child Travel Consent Form Notarized?

After downloading a LawDepot child travel consent form, you still need to have it notarized. Notarization guarantees that the signatures on the form are authentic. Customs officers and immigration agents are less likely to question a notarized child travel consent form.

Since LawDepot only provides the document, you will have to look for the notary yourself. You can choose between one of three options:

Notarization MethodDetails
Visiting a local notaryYou will have to find a local notary, schedule a meeting, and go to his or her office in person. This method is considered outdated and lengthy
Hiring a mobile notaryA mobile notary will come to your house or office to notarize your document but will also charge you significantly for travel expenses
Using an online notaryAn online notary notarizes your document during an audio-video call. You can finish the whole process from the comfort of your home

Use DoNotPay To Create a Child Travel Consent Form and Get It Notarized

Our app is all about saving you money and time. We realize how hectic a parent’s schedule can be and have come up with the perfect solution. DoNotPay can help you create and get a child travel consent form notarized online—all from the same platform!

We will generate a customized minor travel consent form if you complete these simple steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a web browser
  2. Find the Child Travel Consent product 
  3. Answer quick questions about your child, the trip, and the accompanying adult
  4. Opt to get the child travel consent form notarized

After we generate the document, click on the link we send you via email to get it notarized. The link will take you to a webpage where you can schedule an appointment with an online notary. Our notaries are available 24/7, so you can choose any time that suits you best.

The online notary will witness you e-signing the form in a virtual environment and notarize it with an electronic signature, stamp, and seal. 

No matter where you travel—be it Mexico, Canada, India, the UK, or another destination—our app can help you create a document that fulfills state-specific requirements. In case you decide to add a child medical consent form, use our app to get it notarized in a jiffy!

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