A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Law School Scholarships

Discover and Apply for Scholarships A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Law School Scholarships

Law School Scholarships—Discover the Low-Cost Way of Achieving Your Dreams

Studying law is one of the most expensive decisions a student can make. The grueling coursework paired with a ton of debt many law students are forced to carry can take a toll on anyone. Thankfully, there are plenty of law school scholarships for current and potential law students—if you know where to look.

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Which Universities Offer Scholarships for Law Students?

Various law schools in the U.S. offer lucrative scholarships to students of all kinds. Some of these schools include:

What Kind of Law School Grants and Scholarships Are There?

Multiple factors are taken into consideration when looking for scholarships as a law student. You may find scholarships for:

  1. Academically gifted students
  2. Students in financial need
  3. Women
  4. Minorities
  5. Graduate students
  6. International students

Scholarships for Law Students Based on Merit or Need

Several scholarships are available to students based on academic achievements, financial need, or both. The table below outlines a few such scholarships and the amounts awarded for each:

American Bar Association Legal Opportunity ScholarshipUp to $15,000
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund's Scholarship Program$2,000–$10,000
Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholarship$10,000
Rizio Liberty Lipinsky Lawyer Scholarship$10,000
Judge John R. Brown Award$1,000–$10,000

Scholarships for Female Law Students

Law school scholarships for women include some of the following opportunities:

  • Mike Eidson Scholarship
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)
  • Dorothy L. Weller P.E.O. Scholarship
  • Ms. JD Summer Scholarship
  • Horizons Women in Defense Scholarship
  • Justice Pauline Davis Hanson Scholarship
  • P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund

Law Scholarships for Minorities

As issues related to minorities become more prominent, the need for representation in legal fields is also becoming more urgent. In an effort to provide equal opportunities to all aspiring law professionals, several scholarships for black law students, Hispanic students, Native American students, and other minorities are offered, including:

  • Milbank Diversity Scholarships
  • Farella Braun + Martel LLP Diversity Scholarship
  • Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Diversity Scholarship
  • AAJ Richard D. Hailey Law Student Scholarship
  • ABA Diversity Fellowships in Environmental Law
  • Defense Research Institute Diversity Scholarship
  • Baker Donelson Diversity Scholarship
  • Foley & Lardner Minority Scholarship Program
  • ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund
  • Frederickson & Byron Foundation Minority Scholarship
  • American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Faegre & Benson Diversity Scholarship Program

Law School Scholarships for Graduate Students

Finding graduate scholarships is often harder than undergraduate ones. Here are a few options available to graduate law students:

  • Anhelo Dream Project Scholarship
  • Richard D. Hailey Scholarship
  • Legal Opportunity Scholarship
  • Earl Warren Scholarship
  • Herbert Lehman Education Fund Scholarship
  • MALDEF Law School Scholarship
  • Attorney Ken Nugent Legal Scholarship
  • ABA Academic Merit Scholarship
  • LimNexus Scholarship
  • La Raza Foundation Scholarship

Law School Scholarships for International Students

Many international students aspire to study law in the USA but are discouraged due to the expensive tuition fees and high cost of living. Check out a few opportunities that can help make law school more affordable for international students:

  • The Law Student Fellowship Program
  • The Meldon Law College Scholarship Essay Contest
  • The Public Interest/Public Service Scholars (PIPS) Program

What Should You Do To Get a Scholarship for Law Students?

In addition to passing the LSATs and filling out the FAFSA form, many institutions and scholarship organizations will require you to write scholarship essays and have exemplary grades to qualify for a scholarship. They may also ask you to submit a resume, a cover letter, and one or more letters of recommendation to apply. Some schools administer their own qualification tests or host competitions to select recipients of awards and scholarships.

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