The Easiest Way To Get a Landscape Contract Template

Standardized Legal Documents The Easiest Way To Get a Landscape Contract Template

How To Find a Professional Landscape Contract Template

As a landscaping contractor, you need to establish a relationship with your clients via a landscape contract. Having a legal document in this business is a must if you want to avoid any misunderstanding and miscommunication with your clients. 

To get a landscape contract, you’ll have to hire a lawyer or write one yourself. In this article, we’ll show you how to get a landscape contract template quickly and help you generate a plethora of legal documents in a matter of clicks!

What Is a Landscape Contract, and Why Do You Need It?

A landscape contract is a legal document that outlines the terms of payment, party contact information, and types of services provided. The agreement needs to be aligned with your state jurisdiction and the job you’ll perform when you get employed by a property owner. 

You need a landscape contract because it:

  • Describes the specifics of the services you’re offering, which saves you a potential disagreement with the client later on 
  • Provides payment-related terms and conditions so that your clients know what to expect 
  • Demonstrates that a relationship between you and the client existed
  • Prevents unnecessary legal disputes because everything is in writing and affirmed by all parties

What Does a Landscape Contract Include?

In a landscaping contract, nothing should be implied or left for open interpretation. It needs to be concise and straight to the point. Here are some elements that must be included in a watertight landscape contract:



IdentificationThe document needs to state the date, client’s name, your business name, and both your and the client’s addresses
ServicesA landscaping contract must include a detailed description of what you’ll be doing on the project. You should also list the materials needed and write the stages in which the features will be installed
CostYou need to provide your client with detailed information on the payment plan. You need to state when the client can pay and how (i.e., whether the payment is made via check, credit card, or cash)
DeadlinesLet your client know when you’ll start and finish the project. You should also add a force majeure condition that removes liability for unpredictable and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of your work

Is a Landscape Contract Legally Binding?

If a landscape contract has the signatures of all parties involved, it will be legally binding. It doesn’t require notarization unless stated otherwise by the laws of your state, but you can get it notarized for extra safety. 

Should You Rely on Landscape Contract Templates?

Having a lawyer to draft a landscape contract for you can get pricey, and creating one on your own can be tricky. 

Nowadays, you can find a landscape contract template online just by typing the right keyword in your web browser. The downside of online templates is that they contain general terms that can’t be applied to specific situations you might encounter. 

Here are some tricks to help you find a landscape contract template:

  1. Be patient—think carefully whether the contract template you find meets your requirements, and download it only if it’s customizable
  2. Choose a contract from a professional website—avoid amateurish websites because the templates they offer are full of grammatical errors and lack elements that you may need
  3. Check if there are any hidden costs—there are free websites out there that offer landscape contract templates, but they often have hidden charges that you should look out for

You should personalize the landscape contract template you find and add all of the sections we listed in the table above. Once you’re done, you should consider hiring a lawyer to go over it and check if there’s anything missing.  

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