What UK Laws Say About Landlords' Thermostat Obligations

Landlord Protection What UK Laws Say About Landlords' Thermostat Obligations

What UK Laws Say About Landlords' Thermostat Obligations

There are a lot of laws regarding landlords in the UK. This includes what they have to do, why they can kick out a tenant, and what a tenant can do to fight against their landlord. However, it can be hard to brush up on all the rights someone has as a tenant, and the rights of a landlord. That being said, what are the landlord thermostat laws in the UK?

DoNotPay can help you figure out exactly what the landlord laws are in the UK. That way, you won't have to worry about your landlord taking advantage of you. Don't hesitate to contact the authorities or court system if you believe your rights as a tenant have been violated!

What Are the Thermostat Laws for a Landlord in the UK?

Unfortunately, landlords are able to control the thermostat of a rental in the UK. However, they are legally required to keep the thermostat at a certain temperature depending on the weather conditions. A landlord cannot leave you without heat in the winter, for example. The landlord is restricted in a few ways when it comes to a thermostat:

  1. They can not keep the temperature at a hazardous level.
  2. If the outside temperature is -1 degrees Celsius or below, then the thermostat must be kept at 18 degrees in bedrooms, and 21 degrees in living areas. These are the absolute minimum temperatures allowed.
  3. One fixed heater must be provided that is able to heat the room to at least 18 degrees.
  4. Heating can only be centrally controlled in a home occupied by multiple people.

Can I Sue My Landlord if They Violate Thermostat Laws?

Yes, but only if you reside in England. If they refuse to make necessary repairs to your thermostat or keep the thermostat at the legal minimum temperature, you have every right to sue them for the issue. Your home must be up to certain standards when you're renting from a company or person, and the landlord has to carry out these standards. Don't let them take advantage of you!

Sue Anyone with DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you take anyone or any company to small claims court in the UK. While they can't participate in the actual trial, they can send a demand letter to your landlord and/or help you file the claim. They'll also provide you with a script to use in court!

Tips on Asking Your Landlord to Fix Your Thermostat Issues

Before you go about suing your landlord, first apply these tips before you escalate:

Be specific about the problemYour landlord is more likely to take you seriously if you can articulate the problem. Include as many details as possible, if the thermostat is broken let them know how it affects you and how long it has been going on.
Put it in writingIt can be helpful to put your request in writing, either via email or snail mail. This way, you have a paper trail of your communications with your landlord.
Be politeEven if you're frustrated, it's important to remain polite when dealing with your landlord. Remember, they have the power to evict you if they so choose. So try to keep the anger out of your voice and avoid making demands.
Give them a reasonable timeframeAllow time for your landlord to organise things. It might take preparation to provide you with a working thermostat. Your landlord might need to find a professional and first look for finances.

Find Out the Landlord Thermostat Laws in the UK With the Help of DoNotPay

No matter what issue you're having with your landlord in the UK, DoNotPay is there to help. Your thermostat is an important part of your home; you don't want to be too hot or cold, especially if you have a temperature-related medical issue. If your landlord is refusing to fix the issue, contact DoNotPay for help.

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  4. Resolve disputes with roommates by filing demand letters or going through small claims court.
  5. Break your lease early.

If you're still having issues with your landlord, consider breaking your lease early to get away from the problem.

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