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How To Kick Out A Roommate In 3 Easy Steps

There are many reasons to kick out a roommate, but not many ways to legally evict them. If you are sharing a space with a nuisance roommate, you may want to learn how to kick out a roommate. Evicting a roommate can be as frustrating as evicting a tenant. It may end in a lawsuit and can be an expensive . . .
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What Are My Legal Rights As A Renter

Being a renter can be a hassle. You try your best to be a good tenant and to have a roof over your head, but some people are always ready to take advantage of that goodwill. Learn about renter's rights with DoNotPay so that you can be sure things are always on the up and up with your landlord and roommates. . . .
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How to Evict a Roommate in Texas

Living with a roommate is a great way to minimize your monthly bills. If you get along well with your roommate, it could be a wonderful situation that benefits both of you. But, not all roommates are easy to live with and the situation can become unbearable pretty quickly. If you're thinking about evicting . . .
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How to Evict a Roommate Not on Lease in Virginia

It's far too common for homeowners to find themselves in situations where a family member or friend asks for somewhere to stay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But there will come a time when you want them to leave. Unfortunately, very few people know how to evict a roommate not on lease . . .
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⭐ How to Kick Out Your Roommate If She's Not on the Lease

There comes a time in life when what starts as a beautiful friendship or relationship between what are, in fact, two roommates ends and leaves one wondering if they can kick the ot . . .
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An Overview of Virginia's Renters' Rights

Residents of Virginia with no home of their own turn to apartments and federally subsidized rental units to have a roof over their head. However, when tenants don’t fully understand Virginia renters’ rights , landlords can take advantage of the tenant's ignorance to conduct unlawful practices like . . .

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What Are Lease Violations by Landlord?

A lease violation refers to a breach of contract. You may have a right to compensation if there's been a lease violation by your landlord . After all, if you broke the lease, they'd hold you accountable. They might respond by withholding your security deposit, charging you fees, or even threatening . . .

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All About Eviction Laws In Virginia

Hosting a roommate is common in most States. Under certain conditions, you may be allowed to host a roommate in Virginia without signing a lease agreement. For instance, you can host a family member or a friend for a specified duration. However, under Virginia eviction laws , such a roommate may be considered . . .

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Can My Roommate Kick Me Out?

Can My Roommate Kick Me Out? Living with a roommate can be rewarding, but it can also provide a unique set of challenges - especially if you and your roommate have had issues getting along. Sometimes, things can escalate, and before you know it, you might have been forcibly removed from the home or . . .

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How to Draft a Roommate Eviction Notice

Most of the time it's the landlord that gives a person one of these notices, but it isn't always the case. Sometimes a tenant has to send a roommate an eviction notice for doing something that goes against the unit's lease. When will a tenant need to perform this duty, and under what conditions does . . .

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All About Renter's Rights In Colorado

All About Renter's Rights In Colorado Every state has different landlord-tenant laws. For residents of Colorado, it is essential to understand your renters' rights before signing a lease agreement. Landlords are in the business of making money, and some will stop at nothing to avoid paying for necessary . . .

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All About Missouri Eviction Laws

What Tenants Must Know About Missouri's Eviction Laws In the rental process, tenant-landlord disputes are common. Often, these disputes lead to evictions. As a tenant, you have certain responsibilities: Pay your rent on time Dispose of garbage properly Use reasonable care and don't damage the property . . .

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All About Eviction Laws In Iowa

A majority of tenants do not know what to do when slapped with an eviction. However, Iowa eviction laws protect the rights of a tenant against wrongful evictions. The self-help eviction Iowa law, for instance, prohibits landlords from taking the law into their hands when they want a tenant to move out. . . .

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Write Demand Letter to Your Landlord

Landlord Protection: Demand Letter to Landlord Unfortunately, landlord-tenant relationships aren't always rosy. When you're having trouble with your landlord, have tried to solve the dispute through talking, sending emails, and making phone calls, but they seem uncooperative, you may need to write . . .

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