Landing a Land Contract in Wisconsin—What You Should Know

Standardized Legal Documents Landing a Land Contract in Wisconsin—What You Should Know

A Land Contract in Wisconsin—Here’s What You Need To Know

The traditional way of purchasing a property is through a loan, but what if you have a poor or negative credit rating? How do you finance your property without additional funding?

That’s where land contracts and seller financing comes into play! Say goodbye to unfavorable bank loans!

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What Is a Land Contract?

A land contract—sometimes known as a contract for deed or a real property installment sales contract—is a written agreement between the buyer and the seller to purchase a piece of land. The property can be a house, apartment building, commercial building, or plain land. 

The land contract comes in the form of seller financing—an option widely used in Wisconsin. A seller becomes the financier of the purchase, so the buyer bypasses banks and other loaning institutions. The contract is convenient for buyers who are unable to get a loan because they have filed for bankruptcy or have a low credit rating. 

With land sale contracts, you purchase the property in installments. You can use the property, but the seller keeps the title until you have paid the entire amount. The last payment is usually a balloon payment—a lump sum you have to pay to complete the purchase. 

Since the balloon payment is usually a significant sum, people often get a loan to source it. If you’re unable to make the payment, you risk losing not only your property but your previous payments as well. 

How Does a Land Contract in Wisconsin Work?

Here’s how a land agreement works:

  • The buyer shows interest in a property and meets with the seller to negotiate the purchase terms and conditions
  • Both parties sign the deal after successful negotiations on the purchase price, interest rates, and other sections
  • The buyer pays the initial down payment and starts paying monthly installments until the contract duration is complete
  • The last payment is usually a balloon payment, mostly sourced through another loan
  • The seller transfers the ownership title once all the terms and conditions are met
  • The buyer becomes the legal owner of the property

Information Every Land Contract in Wisconsin Should Cover

It is important to ensure that the land contract covers all essential sections. A few crucial ones are mentioned in the table below:

SectionBrief Explanation
Details of both partiesNames, contact information, and addresses of the buyer and seller
Description of the propertyThe size and location of the property. This section should also include any defects the property might have
Effective dateThe effective date of the agreement
Terms and conditionsThis part should include the:

  • Purchase price
  • Down payment
  • Interest rate
  • Balloon payment
  • Average duration of the contract
  • Installment amount
  • Number of installments
Duties and responsibilitiesWhat the seller and buyer are respectively responsible for
LiabilitiesWhat happens if the buyer defaults? What happens if the seller dies? This section should cover all the details
SignaturesSignatures of both parties with dates confirming they have read and understood the terms and conditions

Is a Land Contract Legally Binding?

A land contract is legally binding for both parties in Wisconsin. If a party violates the agreement, they have to face legal consequences, including a lawsuit.

For the buyer, violating the terms of the arrangement can mean a negative credit rating, which could affect future financing opportunities. It could also mean losing the property without a foreclosure sale. As a remedy, the seller can also retain all previous payments as liquidated damages.

If the seller violates the contract, the buyer can file a lawsuit, claim previous payments, and terminate the contract.

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