Land Contract Form Explained

Standardized Legal Documents Land Contract Form Explained

Sample Land Contract Form—All You Need to Know

Since lawyer fees seem to rise by the minute, people tend to turn to online contract templates when they need to draft a legal document.

Serious and long-term agreements, such as a land contract, require a more reliable method. If you need to write a contract, turn to DoNotPay because we provide up-to-date contract forms and useful tips on creating enforceable documents.

What Is a Land Contract Agreement?

A land contract is an agreement to purchase real estate, including land, houses, apartments, or commercial buildings. The buyer doesn’t have to take a bank loan to pay for the property. They make payments to the seller until the property is paid in full.

For the duration of the contract, the buyer and seller share ownership of the property. 

After receiving the final payment, the seller transfers the property to the buyer via a warranty deed.

A land contract has many advantages for both parties. It allows the buyer to purchase a property when they cannot get mortgage approval. Sellers can get a better price for their property by offering a land contract to potential buyers.

What Should a Land Contract Form Cover?

Before you use an existing land contract form, you must make sure it contains all important sections. Omitting crucial details can cause disputes in the future.

You should also be aware of your state’s laws regulating property sales via land contracts. Every state has rules you must follow to a tee. If you don’t, the court may rule the contract invalid and dismiss it.

How To Complete Free Land Contract Forms

The table below contains the essential elements of a land contract. You should follow the steps as described:

Land Contract Form Sections


Provide the sale’s contract effective dateUse the blank lines at the top of the form to explain the document’s purpose and provide the date the agreement becomes effective
Identify the buyer and sellerProvide seller’s and buyer’s full name, email, address (including city and state), and date of closing the contract in the required sections
Give a legal description of the propertyFill out sections about:

  • Size of the property
  • Parcel number
  • Other descriptions 
Indicate purchase price and termsEnter information regarding:

  • Earnest money value
  • Land cost
  • Cash offer
  • Interest rate
  • The payment amount and how often it needs to be made
Assign the closing costs to one partyIndicate the person responsible for the costs by checking the correct box or writing their name in the required field
Provide additional dates, deadlines, and maintenance informationUse the appropriate sections to:

  • Verify the closing date and time
  • Impose the land survey deadline
  • Start an inspection date 
  • Determine maintenance responsibility
Add final detailsFill out the final sections referring to:

  • State law indication
  • The expiration date of the offer
  • Governing law disclosure
SignaturesPrint out your names and add signatures with dates at the end of the contract

Where To Find Reliable Free Printable Land Contract Forms?

One of the ways to avoid sky-high legal expenses is to download a free printable land contract form. You can choose from an array of online contract templates. Download one and adjust the sections according to your terms. 

Be aware that online legal document templates can be tricky. They are generic, and correcting them can take up more time than writing a contract from scratch. The best course of action would be to:

  1. Determine your requirements—Outline every section you would like your form to have, according to our guidelines
  2. Be patient—Don’t download the first template you see. Search for the one that fits your needs 
  3. Stick to reliable websites—Don’t go for amateurish-looking websites because they don’t offer adequate templates

If you want to be sure you covered all sections of your legal document, get a lawyer to give you a professional opinion. Note that the consultations are also quite expensive.

DoNotPay Can Help You Create Various Legal Documents

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