Pen Pals and Other Connections With Inmates at Lake Erie Correctional Institution

Connect With an Inmate Pen Pals and Other Connections With Inmates at Lake Erie Correctional Institution

How to Connect With an Inmate at the Lake Erie Correctional Institution

Located in Conneaut, Ohio, the Lake Erie Correctional Institution is a privately run prison housing approximately 1,790 minimum and medium offenders. 

The facility offers several programs to assist inmates in obtaining valuable job-related skills that can improve their success upon reintroduction into society. Adult basic education courses that lead to a GED are available for those who do not possess a high school diploma. Additionally, vocational programs offered include office technology, computer and electronics repair, welding, plumbing, culinary arts, and tailoring.

Offenders at the correctional institution can send and receive mail from family, friends, and even pen pals. In this guide, we will discuss other channels to keep in touch with an inmate.  However, as you will soon discover, the most efficient method to communicate with an inmate is through DoNotPay's innovative web-based platform.

Lake Erie Correctional Institution Contact Information

The facility is located in the northeast corner of the state on the south side of Lake Erie, near the Pennsylvania state border. It is easily accessible by car by taking Interstate 90 from the major cities of Cleveland, OH to the south and Buffalo, NY, to the north.

Lake Erie Correctional Institution501 Thompson Road

Conneaut, OH 44030

(440) 599-4100Kenneth.Hall@corecivic.com

How to contact inmates at the Lake Erie Correctional Institution

  • Mail Inmate Name, ID Number Lake Erie Correctional Institution P.O. Box 8000 Conneaut, OH 44030

    All mail is opened and inspected to ensure compliance with the facility's restrictions. You may send up to five 5 x 7 photos and up to five newspaper clippings. 

  • Phone Inmates may only make outgoing phone calls that are billed as standard collect or pre-paid through GTL. You can set up the pre-paid account by calling 1-877-650-4249. You will be charged a fee for each call, plus a per-minute rate.
  • Email Inmates may receive printed messages you send online for a fee through the JPAY e-mail system. The printed messages are delivered with regular mail to the inmate.

How to send money to Lake Erie Correctional Institution inmates

There are four ways you can send funds to the inmate at the facility. Up to $200 to an inmate at a time may be sent the following ways:

  • Walk-in As long as the visitor is on the inmate's approved walk-in list, they may deposit funds in person at the kiosks located at the prison entry. The deposit is funded by cash, credit, or debit card. A state/government issued ID with a magnetic strip is necessary to make deposits.
  • Internet You can deposit money to an inmate's account via OffenderConnect with a credit or debit card. There is a transaction fee to send the funds in this manner.
  • Phone Funds can be deposited to an Ohio inmate's account with a credit or debit card by calling 1-888-988-4768. Use reference code Site ID 86.
  • Mail While this method is the least expensive, it is also the slowest. Send the funds by purchasing a U.S. Postal Money Order. Include the inmate's name and ID number in the memo field and make it payable to JPAY. You will need to fill out an Ohio Inmate Money Order Deposit Form. Send the money order and form to:

    JPAY P.O. Box 277180 Miramar, FL 33027

How to send packages to a Lake Erie Correctional Institution inmate

Food and sundry packages may only be sent directly from approved vendors to inmates on Death Row and others who are classified as custody levels 4A and below. Death Row inmates are limited to three packages a year, while inmates on level 4A may have two packages, levels 2 and 3, three packages, and level 1 inmates may receive up to four packages per year.

Inmates may be sent paperback books, magazines, and newspapers direct from Make sure you have the inmate's full name and ID number when ordering.

How to visit a Lake Erie Correctional Institution inmate

All prospective visitors must first request the inmate add them to their visiting list. Then visitors must then complete the Ohio Inmate Visitors Application.  If minor children accompany the visitor, they must also include the Authorization for Minor Child to Visit. 

  • Visitation days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with three sessions per day. Each session is two hours and 30 minutes. Note that depending on where the inmate is housed, the schedule may vary. Check the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's website for more information.

    The schedule for visitation is as follows:

    Morning: 8:00 am to 10:30 am Afternoon: 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm Evening: 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

  • General Population visits need not be scheduled in advance and are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Special visits must be approved in advance.
  • Video visitation is also offered through JPAY, which charges a fee for a 30-minute video visit.

Difficulties you may have contacting a loved one at the Lake Erie Correctional Institution

When attempting to contact a loved one at the CSP-LAC, you can run into several challenges.

  • Phone call fees from the inmate can add up quickly.
  • Letters to the inmate can easily get lost in the shuffle of thousands of other letters, especially if the inmate ID and facility location are not correct.
  • Visitation may be difficult depending on where the inmate is housed in the facility. This is especially the case with COVID protocols presently in place.

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