Lake County, Indiana, Property Tax Assessment Information You Need

Reducing Property Taxes Lake County, Indiana, Property Tax Assessment Information You Need

All the Lake County, Indiana, Property Tax Assessment Information You Need

Having the average effective property tax rate of 0.81% marks Indiana as one of the states with low property taxes. Residents of one Hoosier State county are not so lucky. Property owners in Lake County pay the highest taxes in Indiana, with an average effective property tax rate of 1.13%.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your property taxes, but first, you have to understand how the property tax assessment process works.

In this article, you can find all the necessary Lake County Indiana property tax assessment information you need to lower your property tax bill.

Lake County Property Tax Assessment—From A to Z

The first step to dealing with property taxes is understanding how everything works, and we can help you with that.

How Does Property Tax Assessment Work?

Every state has different rules regarding the property tax assessment process. Depending on the state, the local tax assessors estimate the value of each property every year or less often. They assign the market value and dollar sum for taxation purposes.

Your local tax assessor’s office is in charge of scheduling the assessment. The value of your property is based on the factors like:

  • Location
  • Age and size of the property
  • The market value of the properties in the area
  • Permanent structures on the property
  • The number of rooms and floors
  • Inclusion in the special assessment district

Lake County Property Tax Assessment Information

Here is everything you need to know about the Lake County property tax assessment process:

  • The Lake County property tax is ad valorem, which means it’s based on the property’s value
  • The property tax assessor’s office performs the mass appraisal annually
  • Through the mass appraisal, the tax assessor evaluate the property based on the size, year of construction, prices of recent sales in the neighborhood, and other general attributes
  • The assessor determines the gross assessed value of the property and then applies reductions, in the form of reliefs, credits, and exemptions
  • Once the assessor subtracts the reductions, they get the net assessed value, which is used to calculate your property tax bill
  • Property tax exemption application must be filed before April 1 of the assessment year
  • You must file your application with the tax assessor’s office within your jurisdiction

The following table contains important contact information of Lake County tax assessors’ offices:

Assessor’s OfficeContact Information

Main Lake County Assessor’s Office

Assessor - LaTonya Spearman

Building 'A', 2nd Floor

2293 N. Main Street

Crown Point, IN 46307


219-755-3022 (fax)


Calumet Township

Assessor - Jacqueline Collins

501 E. 5th Ave.

Gary, IN 46402


219-881-2625 (fax)


Hobart Township

Assessor- Randall Guernsey

1461 S. Park Ave.

Hobart, IN 46342


219-942-7490 (fax)


St. John Township

Assessor- Debbie Walters

9157 Wicker Ave.

St. John, IN 46373


219-365-1075 (fax) 


Center Township

Assessor - Joe Krnich

213 S. Court St.

Crown Point, IN 46307


219-663-3656 (fax)


Ross Township

Assessor- Angela Guernsey

7870 Broadway Suite C

Merrillville, IN 46410


219-769-2643 (fax)


Lake County Property Tax Exemptions

There are several property tax exemptions you can apply for in Lake County and anywhere else in Indiana, including:

  • Homestead exemption—It is the most common exemption type. Eligible citizens—people who own the property and use it as their primary residence—get from 25% to 35% deduction of their property’s assessed value
  • Senior citizens exemption—Residents who are 65 years old or older can apply for the Indiana property tax exemption for seniors if they meet the Indiana income eligibility guidelines 
  • Veterans exemption—Partially and totally disabled veterans who got injured or surviving spouses of the deceased veterans who were killed in the line of duty can apply for veterans exemption if they meet other eligibility criteria
  • Disabled person exemption—Indiana residents who are disabled can apply and have their property taxes reduced, provided they meet other requirements and have proof of disability

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