Demand and Collect KY Child Support Hassle-Free

Demand and Collect KY Child Support Hassle-Free

Raising a child is one of the most expensive endeavors that a parent can take on - and if someone is shirking on their legally-mandated child support payments, you could be facing a major financial pinch. Failing to pay child support is a federal crime, and if you are dealing with an ex-partner who isn't paying you what they owe, you have options.

is handled through the Kentucky Division of Child Support Enforcement, an agency designed to help facilitate court-mandated child support payments. While you can reach out to this agency on your own, the best option for getting the KY child support you deserve is to use DoNotPay.

Child Support Laws in Kentucky

is taken very seriously, and there are serious legal repercussions for those who fail to pay their financial obligations. All child support issues in Kentucky are handled through the Kentucky Division of Child Support Enforcement. Here are some of the common concerns that the agency helps with:

  • Estimate a child support obligation.
  • Make and enforce child support payments.
  • Report address changes.
  • Upload court orders.
  • Verify payment history and past-due child support amounts.
  • Request updates on ongoing child support actions.

Repercussions of Avoiding Child Support in KY

If you have an ex-partner who isn't paying the child support that they owe, they could face legal consequences. Some of these repercussions include:

  • Court action resulting in jail time.
  • Passport denial.
  • Property liens.
  • Interception of tax refunds.
  • Levying bank accounts.
  • Withholding of unemployment benefits.

How to Get Kentucky Child Support on Your Own

If you want to get Kentucky child support on your own, you have a few options. Here are some methods for pursuing the child support payments by yourself.

1. Talk to Your Ex-partner

It's not always possible, but if you have a good relationship with your ex-partner, you can try talking to them about the situation. Let your partner know that you haven't been receiving your payments and see how they react. It is very possible that they aren't aware of the payment issue, and that some sort of internet or paperwork problem caused the payments to get rejected. It could also be that your ex had something change with their finances - in which case you could work through the issue directly with them.

2. Reach Out to the Kentucky Division of Child Support Enforcement

If you need to escalate matters, you can reach out to the Kentucky Division of Child Support Enforcement. You can reach out to the agency by calling them at 800-248-1163. When you call the agency, make sure to explain to the staff member right away that you have a child support payment issue that you believe need to be enforced. You should then be connected with the appropriate department or officer.

3. Take Matters to Court

It might be that things have progressed to the point where you believe you need to take immediate legal action. If this is the case, you can file a motion for contempt of court for your missed Kentucky child support payments.

Handling the missed child support payments on your own can be stressful and time-consuming - and you might not have that kind of extra time to burn. If you want to expedite the process and get the Kentucky child support that you are owed, turn to DoNotPay.

Use DoNotPay to Help Get Your Kentucky Child Support Payments

DoNotPay is the fast, easy, successful way to get your late child support payments.

If you want to get the Kentucky child support that you are owed, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search child support on DoNotPay and enter the details of the person who owes the payments.

  2. Tell us more about the payment schedule, including the amount and frequency of the payments, the last payment they made and number of missed payments, and how much they owe you in total.

  3. Confirm your contact information and select whether you want us to mail or email the letter on your behalf. Choose how you would like to receive the payment and verify your signature.

And don’t forget, you can use DoNotPay to manage child support issues in any state.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Help You With?

DoNotPay is the fast, easy, successful way to get Kentucky child support. DoNotPay saves you time and frustration by handling the hard work for you, verifying your information, and mailing a demand letter on your behalf. Turn to DoNotPay for all your child support questions and concerns. Here are some of the other child support-related issues that DoNotPay can help with:

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