Applying for a Kuwait Tourist Visa? This Is What You Need To Know

Tourist Visa Guide Applying for a Kuwait Tourist Visa? This Is What You Need To Know

The Best Tips on How To Obtain a Kuwait Tourist Visa Effortlessly

Is it difficult for you to find proper information about getting the necessary authorization for visiting Kuwait? We hear you—this is the problem most travelers face once they start researching the country’s entry policy. To make the process easier for you and help you understand it, we created a guide to applying for a Kuwait tourist visa. Let us teach you all about:

  • Available types of tourist visas
  • Basic requirements for a successful tourist visa application
  • Ongoing COVID-19 entry restrictions in Kuwait for U.S. citizens
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Kuwait Tourist Visas in Brief

To enter Kuwait and spend some time there as a tourist, you must obtain one of the two following types of visas:

  • Single-entry visa with a 90-day validity
  • Multiple-entry visa with a 90-day validity

The only way to obtain any of these visas is by filing an in-person tourist visa application with an appropriate Kuwaiti visa-issuing authority. The Embassy of Kuwait in Washington doesn’t accept visa requests upon arrival or eVisa applications at the moment, even though these options were available before. This decision is subject to changes—make sure you keep up with the latest updates on the official website of the embassy.

What Do You Need To Request a Tourist Visa for Kuwait?

Getting valid permission to stay in Kuwait requires the following steps:

  1. Presenting a passport with:
    1. Minimum remaining validity of six months upon entering Kuwait
    2. One blank passport page for an entry stamp
  2. Having two passport-size pictures taken according to the official visa photo requirements
  3. Completing two copies of the updated Kuwait tourist visa application form
  4. Paying the required tourist visa application fees—you can do it using cash, company checks, or money orders since personal checks aren’t an option
  5. Getting a No Objection Certificate from your Kuwaiti host—if you are invited to Kuwait by a friend or a family member

How Much Do You Need To Pay for a Kuwait Tourist Visa?

If you opt for a single-entry visa, you must pay $150.00. The current price of a multiple-entry visa is $175.00.

Does Kuwait Propose Any COVID-19 Restrictions for U.S. Tourists?

Until August 1, 2021, U.S. citizens are allowed to enter Kuwait only if they are:

  • First-degree family members of Kuwaiti citizens or
  • Domestic employees traveling with Kuwaiti citizens’ first-degree relatives

Further updates will be available once the above-mentioned deadline expires. For this reason, you should explore the newest updates before setting off on the planned trip.

You will also have to sign up for Kuwait Mosafer and download the Shlonik smartphone app to pass the borders without any complications. The information in this app can help you find accredited laboratories for undergoing a PCR test and pay for it from the comfort of your home.

Presenting a negative COVID-19 PCR test is a must for all travelers, except for children under the age of six. The test mustn’t be older than 72 hours and has to be conducted in an approved laboratory. As a vaccinated tourist, you don’t have to quarantine, but you must undergo a seven-day institutional self-isolation if you don’t provide a vaccination certificate.

Public transport and commercial flights are operating regularly, and there are no ongoing movement restrictions in the country.

A Detailed Explanation on How To File a Kuwait Tourist Visa Application

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on submitting a Kuwait tourist visa application:

  1. Visit the official website of the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington
  2. Choose the Consular tab
  3. Select Visas from the drop-down menu and pick Entry Visa
  4. Click on the application form on the right to open it in the PDF reader
  5. Download the form and print it out
  6. Fill out each required field with correct details
  7. Sign the form and glue one of your passport photos to a designated place on it
  8. Bring the completed visa request to Embassy of the State of Kuwait, Attn: Consulate Department, 2940 Tilden Street, NW, Washington DC 20008

You can also bring your application to one of the following Kuwaiti consulates in the USA:

  • Consulate General in Los Angeles, California
  • Consulate General in New York City, New York

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