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Contact KLM Customer Service the Easy Way

Getting through to KLM customer service can be difficult, and their site often states that their customer service response times are low. Further, their ‘All contact options’ links send you through a labyrinth seemingly designed to funnel you away from where you want to go instead of just providing a simple list of contact options. But you're in luck because we've compiled that list for you! We've also created a service to help you make much shorter work of KLM's phone queue so that you can get a live KLM employee without being forced to navigate their mind-numbing phone queue options.

One study estimated that people will be forced to sit on hold for 43 days of their life — but for an extremely low monthly rate instead, DoNotPay subscribers have access to a full suite of services, including an automated phone queue Robo-dialer that calls you when a live agent picks up. It's about time we had technology working for the good of all, and not just companies with bloated profits and bootstrapped customer-facing services. With DoNotPay, that time is now.

KLM Support Contact Number and Email

KLM have several points of contact depending on which part of the world you're contacting them from. So you don't expend needless energy, note that all ‘COVID-19 related question[s]’ are directed to an info page instructing you to take the issue up directly with your government — not them. Also, members of KLM's Flying Blue program will see more contact options than the ones listed below if they log in to their account from KLM's homepage.

Here is a list of generic KLM customer service contact info to get you started:

KLM Contact Info
WhatsApp+31 20 64 90 787
Email (press)
Facebook MessengerMessenger
Visiting AddressAmsterdamseweg 55

1182 GP Amstelveen

The Netherlands

KLM services a huge number of countries, and each has its own phone number with different languages supported. We've listed the numbers for their most frequently serviced regions below, and then explained how to find the other local KLM phone numbers as needed.

KLM Phone Numbers
Phone (corporate)+31 (0)20 - 649 9123
Netherlands+31 20 47 47 747 (Dutch & English)
United Kingdom+44 20 76 60 02 93 (English)
Denmark+45 70 100 747 (Danish & English)
U.S.A.+1 800 618 0104 (English & Spanish)
France+33 96 936 86 05 (French & English)
Spain+34 91 375 45 46 or 800 000 288 (Spanish & English)
Sweden+46 85 199 25 39 (Swedish & English)
Finland+358 20 353 355 (Finnish & English)
Poland+48 22 512 39 47 (Polish & English)
Turkey+90 21 237 55 776 (Turkish & English)

If you need the right KLM phone number for a different region than the ones listed the above, here is how you find it:

  1. Go to any of KLM's ‘refund compensation’ pages, such as KLM Contact Us.
  2. Select the country/transnational corporation listed in the upper right, then select the preferred language
  3. Scroll down to the last portion of the page under the section titled ‘Phone’ (it's right below KLM's WhatsApp and Messenger links)

Sometimes, their frustrating site will instead forward you to the regional homepage instead of keeping you on the ‘refund compensation’ page where the phone numbers actually are. If this happens, simply hit the back button to return to the refund compensation page, then replace the URL suffix (the ‘country code’) with your own. For example, if you're at the link ‘’ but you need the Danish phone line, you'll replace ‘.us’ with ‘.dk’ (or use ‘.no’ for Norway, ‘.ie’ for Ireland and so on).

This is the easiest way to look up the phone number for each region yourself without needing to deal with KLM's annoying contact info pages.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

Though having the phone number handy without needing to dig for it should save you some time, it still may not be enough. If you're unable to get a satisfactory response from KLM and want to escalate the situation, consider any of the following next:

  • Take KLM through UK's Alternative Dispute Resolution process.
  • Find the relevant Ombudsman service (but first, ask KLM for a Letter of Deadlock to document your attempts to resolve it with them beforehand).
  • File a claim against KLM in small claims court (the claims limit varies depending on the region, but is £10,000 in England and Wales, £5,000 in Scotland and anywhere from £2,000 to £5,000 in Ireland — for the best chances, you'll need to show that you attempted alternate methods of dispute resolution first).

KLM Corporate address

If you need to go get their upper management involved, KLM's corporate headquarters is located at

KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesP.O. Box 77001117 ZL SchipholThe Netherlands

You can use this address to send letters, request a letter of deadlock for Ombudsman services or for legal administrative processes that require documenting notifications and demands you've sent KLM. In the worst case, you can use this address to send them small claims court service — see our straightforward small claims court service to streamline the process and stand (over status) the best chances of getting compensated for any damages caused by KLM staff.

Use DoNotPay to Get KLM Refunds and Cancel Flights

One of the main reasons KLM customers need to reach a live support agent is because they need to change or cancel their flight. This is not something that can wait, and it could cause serious problems if not resolved quickly.

The less that airlines promptly respond to their customers, the more customers will need to get ahold of them — and issues that could have been prevented will become actual harms or damages (including property loss, mental anguish or even just lost revenue from having your time wasted).

Rather than just tolerate their inefficiency, you can use DoNotPay to cut through KLM's phone system without needing to waste your own valuable time. To get your issue handled even faster, check out these other useful KLM guides:

DoNotPay has streamlined the best possible resolution process for all of these issues for a single ultra-low monthly rate! We can also help you obtain compensation from KLM and file a complaint against them if that's what it comes to.

Get in Touch With KLM Customer Service Using DoNotPay

When you're about to have an issue with KLM (or even when one's already happened), you need them to respond immediately. But by the time you get a response to their liking, the window of opportunity to most effectively deal with the issue has already passed. As the world's first robot lawyer, we have a stake in preventing problems for the masses (unlike our wayward counterparts in the international legal society)… that's why we created our Skip Waiting on Hold service to destroy pointless phone queues times.

With DoNotPay, you can reach any customer service phone line and we'll wait on hold for you. Once a service representative picks up, DoNotPay will notify you so you can have a clearer-headed chat and a much greater chance of success.

Here's how to get started with DoNotPay to skip KLM's (or any company's) phone queue:

  1. Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.


  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.


  3. Search for the company you'd like to call.


  4. Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.


That's it. DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

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