Appealing a Kingston PCN Has Never Been Easier

Appeal Parking Tickets in Any City Appealing a Kingston PCN Has Never Been Easier

What to Do if You Receive a PCN in Kingston

If you drive in Kingston, you might have gotten a Parking Charge Notice, also known as a Penalty Charge Notice or PCN, at some point. Sometimes, drivers have legitimate reasons to believe that they did not deserve a parking ticket. The good news is that if you received a PCN in Kingston, you can challenge it.

Kingston gives drivers the opportunity to dispute their tickets by providing evidence that they were unfairly given a PCN. However, this process can be difficult to do.

You don't have to challenge your Kingston PCN by yourself, though. DoNotPay can make it easy to challenge a PCN in Kingston.

What Does it Mean to Get a Parking Charge Notice in Kingston

PCNs are given out in Kingston when vehicles are parked illegally. A vehicle may be illegally parked if it is blocking a dropped kerb or in an otherwise restricted area. You may also receive a ticket if your vehicle is in a legal parking spot longer than legally allowed.

The Kingston government website outlines the fines for parking infractions in Kingston. Minor violations result in £60 fines, and major violations result in £110 fines.

You contact the Kingston government regarding a PCN by calling 020 8547 5995.

How to Pay for a Kingston PCN

If you received a PCN in Kingston and wish to pay it, Kingston provides an online payment form. To use the form, you will need the PCN number on your ticket as well as your vehicle registration information.

Kingston, like other areas in the U.K., does offer discounts for Parking Charge Notices for those who pay early. Paying your PCN within 14 days results in a discounted charge. Kingston does not state how much their discount is for early payment, but in other areas, it is as high as 50% of the original fine.

Can You Appeal a Kingston Parking Ticket?

Yes! Sometimes tickets are given out unfairly, and because of this, those who have received parking tickets in Kingston can challenge them. The following steps can help serve as a guide for challenging a Kingston PCN.

  1. First, make sure that you have your vehicle registration and PCN information. You will need to reference both as you challenge your Kingston PCN.
  2. Go to the Kingston Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice website.
  3. Click on the "view evidence" button and type in your information to see images of your vehicle at the time it received a PCN. If the image does not show a violation, it could help your case.
  4. Now go to the Kingston PCN challenge form. Fill it out with your PCN number and other information.
  5. In your challenge, make sure to provide any evidence for why you did not violate parking regulations.
  6. Once you have submitted your challenge, wait for a response from the Kingston government.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Challenge a PCN in Kingston

There may be reasons that your PCN should be dismissed, as some tickets are given by mistake. It does not cost you anything extra to challenge a parking ticket, so it is worth disputing if you think there is a chance the PCN was unfair.

What Happens if You Don't Pay Your PCN?

Whether you decide to accept the PCN or challenge it, one thing that you should not do is simply ignore it. If the Kingston government does not hear from you before the deadline on your PCN, you could face larger fines.

Kingston PCN Details and Contact Information

WebsiteKingston Council
Pay a PCNThe Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Challenge a PCNWelcome Taranto
Telephone020 8547 5995
Telephone HoursMonday to Friday9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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