The King County Property Tax Exemption From A to Z

Reducing Property Taxes The King County Property Tax Exemption From A to Z

Explaining the King County Property Tax Exemption

Washington doesn’t belong on the list of states with low property taxes. Property taxes in King County, the biggest county in the state, exceed $4,600 per year. It’s a huge sum for an average citizen.

Since high tax bills cause serious financial difficulties, most states propose special property tax exemptions for particular social groups. Such programs help residents lower their taxes or “freeze” their equalized assessed property value.

If you would like to know whether you qualify for any King County property tax exemption, we have a quick solution. Follow our tips to find out how to rock your tax relief application or appeal an inaccurate property tax assessment

Why Do People in King County Pay Property Taxes?

If you own any taxable property—be it a house, land, or building—you must set aside a certain sum of money for the county government. By charging this amount, King County officials collect money for the necessary maintenance of essential public services, including:

  • Road constructions
  • Law enforcement
  • Parks and green areas
  • Protective services
  • Recreational objects
  • Sanitation and garbage pick-up
  • Hospitals and health care system
  • Libraries and educational system
  • General government services

Is King County Property Tax Reduction Possible?

Many U.S. states—including Washington—offer ways to help citizens pay less in taxes or check their bills for errors. 

If you believe your taxes are unreasonably high or you want to find a way to reduce them even if all figures match, here are some strategies you can use:

  1. Revise your tax records via eReal Property—The King County Department of Assessments offers an online tool search to help you scan your tax information. Make sure your records don’t contain any errors. If they do, report them to the county authorities
  2. Join the assessor while they are evaluating your property—If you are present while the official is assessing your house or land, the chances are you can detect mistakes and misevaluations 
  3. Appeal a suspicious property tax assessment—Errors may occur regardless of the assessor’s professional skills. If you notice that your property value wasn’t adequately estimated, you should submit an appeal letter to the King County Board of Appeals and Equalization
  4. Find property tax exemptions you may be entitled to—The Department of Assessment has a list of all available property tax exemptions in King County. Check out the information on their website or use DoNotPay’s guide to get personalized results

What Property Tax Exemptions Does King County Offer?

In the table below, you can see some of the property tax relief programs King County provides:

Property Exemption TypeRequirements

Senior Citizens Exemption

  • Applicants must be 61 or older
  • Annual household income must be under $58,423
  • The property in question must be a primary residence of the candidates for at least six months

Disabled Persons Exemption

  • Applicants must be 61 or older
  • Annual household income shouldn’t exceed $58,423 
  • Candidates must be retired due to disability

Veterans Exemption

  • Applicants can be veterans who are at least 61
  • Candidates can also be surviving spouses of veterans who were entitled to this exemption before they died. They must be at least 57
  • Their annual household income shouldn’t go over $58,423
  • Candidates’ disability must be 100% service-related

Senior Citizens/Disabled Deferral

  • Applicants must be 60+ or retired due to physical disability
  • The property in question must be their primary residence for at least nine months
  • Annual household disposable income shouldn’t exceed $67,411

Limited Income Deferral

  • Applicants must own their properties for at least five years
  • The property in question must be their primary residence for at least nine months
  • Annual household disposable income shouldn’t exceed $57,000
  • Candidates must pay the first half of their annual tax so they can use this exemption for the October bill
  • Applicants must apply for the exemption by September of the current year

Homeowner Improvement Exemption

  • Applicants must be owners of detached single-family dwellings
  • Candidates need to apply for the exemption before the construction works are over

Flood and Storm Damaged Property Exemption

  • Candidates’ properties must be damaged during a flood or storm
  • Applicants must complete Destroyed Property Form

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