A Complete Guide to Preparing King County Divorce Forms

King County Divorce Forms—How and Where To Get Them

If you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to end your marriage in King County, a do-it-yourself divorce might be the best option. This marriage dissolution method is less expensive, demanding, and time-consuming, but it requires in-depth preparation.

Luckily, DoNotPay can guide you through the whole process—from checking the requirements to preparing the necessary King County divorce forms.

All About the DIY King County Divorce

Getting a divorce without a lawyer can save you a lot of money, but you need to make sure you’re the right candidate for the do-it-yourself method. Consult the table below to learn about important aspects of a DIY King County divorce and determine if it’s the most suitable option for you:

Key Aspects of a DIY Divorce in King CountyExplanation
Residency requirementsTo file for divorce in King County, you or your spouse must be a Washington State resident. You can prove residency by:
  • Maintaining a permanent home within King County
  • Showing the intent to make it your primary residence

The divorce court in King County might also check your voter registration, driver’s license, or mailing address to determine residency

Legal reasonsWashington is a no-fault state for divorce, which means that neither party has to take responsibility for ending the marriage. You can file for divorce in King County based on the grounds of marriage being irretrievably broken without any chance of reconciliation
Eligibility criteriaYour divorce must be uncontested if you want a DIY option. To request an uncontested divorce in Washington State, you and your spouse have to reach an agreement regarding all of the following matters:

Which King County Divorce Forms Do I Need?

To start the divorce process in King County, you need to gather and fill out the necessary paperwork. In the following table, you can find the required forms for an uncontested divorce:

Mandatory Divorce FormsAdditional Forms for Marriages With Minor Children
  • Case Assignment Area Form and Case Information Cover Sheet
  • Certificate of Dissolution-Vital Statistics Form
  • Confidential Information (FL All Family 001)
  • Petition for Divorce (FL Divorce 201)
  • Proof of Mailing or Hand Delivery (FL All Family 112)
  • Declaration in Lieu of Formal Proof Without Kids
  • Findings and Conclusion About a Marriage (FL Divorce 231)
  • Final Divorce Order—Dissolution Decree (FL Divorce 241)
  • Parenting Plan—Proposed (FL All Family 140)
  • Declaration About Public Assistance (FL All Family 132)
  • Declaration in Lieu of Formal Proof With Kids
  • Parenting Plan—Final (FL All Family 140)
  • Child Support Order (FL All Family 130)
  • Child Support Worksheets (WSCSS-Worksheets)
  • Child Support Schedule & Instructions

How Can I Acquire Washington State Divorce Papers in PDF?

Having a DIY divorce means you’re going through the whole process on your own, including finding and filling out the paperwork. You can find nearly all of the necessary documents—mandatory and optional—and download them in PDF from the following government websites:

One of the more important uncontested divorce documents is a marital settlement agreement. It is a complex document, and writing it on your own can be tricky. To have it drawn up and customized, all you need to do is !

How Much Does It Cost To File King County Divorce Forms?

The cost of filing divorce papers in King County is $290. If you cannot afford to pay the filing fee, you can request a fee waiver from the court.

You also have to pay an additional $30 when presenting final documents at the hearing.

How To File for a DIY Divorce in King County

Once you prepare the paperwork, it’s time to start the process. Here’s how to file for a friendly divorce in King County:

  1. Make several copies of each document:
    1. One for your records
    2. Another one for your spouse
    3. Third copy if you have children who have received public assistance at any point
  2. File the forms at your local clerk’s office
  3. Serve divorce papers to your spouse
  4. Attend the hearing at court

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