How to Access Kentucky Veterans Benefits

Military Protection How to Access Kentucky Veterans Benefits

How to Find and Access Kentucky Veterans Benefits

If there's one thing our country can agree on, it's that veterans deserve benefits when they return home from service. However, there is a less unified approach to which benefits are available and how veterans should access them. Accessing Kentucky veterans benefits, for example, can be done through a wide variety of offices and services. Between state and federal programs and local veteran programs and discounts, it can be tough to actually take full advantage of the opportunities and services available to you.

That is exactly why DoNotPay has developed the Military Protection service. We're here to protect your right to veterans' benefits in Kentucky and help you access them more easily without constant phone calls and office visits.

Benefits for Veterans in Kentucky

Here are the Kentucky veterans benefits we have available:

Kentucky Veteran Education Benefits
  • GI Bill Colleges for Military and Veterans
  • College In-State tuition rates for any-state veterans
  • College tuition waiver for dependents of living and deceased Kentucky veterans
  • Active Duty Forgiveness Program - no penalties for missing school for active duty
  • HS Diplomas for veterans of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam
Kentucky Veteran Employment Benefits
  • Firefighter certification
  • Commercial driver's license skill test waiver
  • Extension of professional certificates
  • Military spouse license and certificate transfers to Kentucky
  • Continuing education requirement exemption for licensed engineers
  • Alternative teaching certification
  • HVAC license qualification
Kentucky Veteran Housing Benefits
  • Buy a home with a $0 downpayment or mortgage insurance
  • Housing grants for national guard and reserve members
  • Assisted care homes and nursing for veterans
Kentucky Veteran Financial Benefits
  • Income tax exemption for active military residents
  • Income tax exemption for death online of military duty
  • for the year of death and 1 year prior
  • Probate fee exemption
  • Income tax return extension when in an active combat zone
  • Property tax exemption for 100% disabled veterans
  • State tax credit for National Guard members
  • State military family assistance trust fund
  • Military spouse unemployment benefits for relocating
Kentucky Veteran Burial Benefits
  • Furnishing grave or columbarium space
  • Grave marker or headstone
  • Grave liner and caskets for burial
  • Opening and closing grave
  • Perpetual gravesite care
Additional Kentucky Veteran Benefits
  • No need to prove eligibility to renew license plates
  • Drivers license exemption for 17-year-old enlistees
  • Extension of licenses, permits, and certificates while deployed
  • Free renewal within 90 days of returning home
  • Discount on hunting and fishing combo licenses
  • State Park Overnight Accommodations Rate Exemption for 100% disabled veterans
Non-State Veterans Benefits
  • Veteran discounts at local stores
  • Free and discounted venue admission
  • Preferred seating for disabled veterans

How to Access Veteran Benefits in Kentucky Independently

The trouble with veterans benefits is just how many programs, agencies, and providers there are. While your local VA office can help you with some of these benefits, many can only be accessed directly from the provider, and only if you know how to ask. Things like licensing exemptions and veteran discounts are not centralized, which means it may take several steps to take full advantage of your Kentucky veterans benefits in an everyday way.

  • Call Kentucky Veteran Services

The primary phone number for the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs is 502-564-9203. You can call this number to get started seeking your veterans’ benefits. Expect to be transferred to your local VA office or other specialty offices depending on the benefits you're seeking.

  • Visit Your Local Veterans Affairs Office

Locate and visit your local VA office, if it is not closed for COVID. These offices are designed to help you get benefits, though there is often a long wait and overlooked benefits if you don't know exactly what to ask for. Many Kentucky VA offices are at limited capacity due to COVID and may not have their doors open at this time.

  • Ask Local Stores and Venues Directly for Veterans Benefits

For those dispersed veterans benefits offered by various stores and venues, you'll need to ask directly when you arrive. Some will provide useful information if you call ahead about discounts and programs. You may need to speak with a manager who is aware of less-common policies if the store clerk can't help you.

  • Present One of Many Virtual ID Types

In order to access your Kentucky veterans benefits outside of the VA programs, you may need one or more types of official ID. Many stores require an or SheerID identification to validate your veteran benefits.

How to Access All Your Kentucky Veterans Benefits with DoNotPay

Let's face it, going through the VA office system is a hassle whether you call on the phone or arrive in person. It always takes too long and the staff doesn’t always have all the information on the benefits that would be most useful to you. Whether you are seeking disability benefits or just to claim your technicians' certs for at-home employment opportunities, the COVID-understaffed offices are often simply not prepared to make your benefits access easy. But we are.

Here at DoNotPay, we believe all veterans deserve full access to the benefits that should be easily available. So we'll cut out the hassle part of claiming your benefits by doing the contacting and record-keeping for you.

We'll help you access:

All without you spending hours on the phone to make it happen.

How to Find Veteran Benefits in Kentucky with DoNotPay

If you want to know how to find the veterans benefits in Kentucky with DoNotPay but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search for and open the Military Protection product on DoNotPay. 

  2. Select whether you want to 1) locate the nearest VA office, 2) access veteran benefits, or 3) locate service records. 

  3. Answer a simple set of questions so our chatbot can collect the necessary information to help you and find the nearest office or fill out the appropriate forms. 

 What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Helping with your Kentucky veterans benefits is just one of many things DoNotPay can do to help make your life easier and avoid unnecessary costs. If there are other parts of your life creating hassle, check out the many services we offer to reduce stress and smooth out those paperwork SNAFUs that get in the way of a good life.

  1. Handle DMV Appointments
  2. Advance Health Care Directive
  3. Cancel Unwanted Accounts & Subscriptions
  4. Deal with Spam Collectors
  5. Eliminate Text Spam
  6. File a Complaint
  7. Get Free Raffle Tickets
  8. Robocall Compensation
  9. Customer Service Assistance
  10. Insurance Claims

DoNotPay was founded on reducing the hassle of dealing with government offices for everything, from parking tickets to veterans’ home loan benefits. Let us know how we can help you avoid unwanted fees and hours on the phone. We're here to help!

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