Kentucky Divorce Forms in PDF—Which Ones You Need, and How To Get Them

Divorce Settlement Agreement Kentucky Divorce Forms in PDF—Which Ones You Need, and How To Get Them

A Complete Guide to Getting Kentucky Divorce Forms in PDF

Lawyers, mediators, and other professionals are what make marriage dissolution an expensive endeavor. If you’re getting a divorce in Kentucky, you can avoid most of these expenses by opting for a DIY option. As you can gather from its name, a do-it-yourself divorce requires you to get familiar with the whole process—laws, rules, papers, filing methods, and other crucial aspects.

Not sure where to start? DoNotPay can show you how to get Kentucky divorce forms in PDF and which ones you need.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Kentucky—From A to Z

DIY divorces are not the right choice for everyone. Before collecting the paperwork for the process, you need to check if you’re the right candidate and if it’s the most suitable option. The questions you need to answer before petitioning for divorce are:

  1. Are you meeting the requirements?
  2. What legal grounds are you basing your divorce on?
  3. Do you qualify for an uncontested DIY divorce?


Here are the requirements you have to meet to file for divorce in Kentucky:

  • You have been separated for at least 60 days
  • Either you or your spouse meet the residency requirements—one of you must have lived in Kentucky for at least six months before petitioning for divorce and:
    • Is registered to vote in KY,
    • Pays state taxes in KY,
    • Has a KY driver’s license, or
    • Is in the army and has been stationed in Kentucky for at least six months
  • The wife is not pregnant—If she is, the divorce cannot happen before the pregnancy ends
  • You have to file the divorce papers in the county you live in

Legal Grounds

Kentucky is a “no-fault” state, which means that neither of the spouses has to take the blame for the termination of the marriage.

You can file for divorce in Kentucky based on the following legal reasons:

  • The marriage is irretrievably broken
  • There is no chance for reconciliation

Eligibility for a DIY Divorce

The requirements you must meet and the legal grounds you’re basing your divorce on apply regardless of the divorce type. To get an uncontested divorce in Kentucky, you and your spouse have to make decisions regarding certain important matters without the court.

According to Kentucky laws, you qualify for a friendly divorce if you agree on the following issues:

Which Kentucky Divorce Papers Do I Need?

If you’re getting a DIY divorce in Kentucky, you need to gather, fill out, and file the necessary documents on your own. In the table below, you can find the divorce forms you need to start the divorce process:

  • AOC-105 Civil Summons
  • Form 1A or 1B (if you have children) Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • REDACTED Form 1A or 1B Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • AOC-FC-3 Case Data Information Sheet
  • AOC-FC-3 REDACTED Case Data Information Sheet
  • VS-300 Certificate of Divorce or Annulment
  • AOC-238/239 Simplified Verified Disclosure
  • Form 7 Affidavit for Warning Order Attorney
  • Form 8 Motion To Proceed Without Paying Costs

Where Can I Obtain Free Kentucky Divorce Forms in PDF?

You don’t have to hire a lawyer to gather and help you fill out the necessary divorce papers—you can do it on your own! The Kentucky Court of Justice offers self-help packages of forms on their website for anyone who chooses a DIY divorce option.

All of the documents come in PDF format, and there are often instructions included.

I Prepared the Required KY Divorce Forms—What Next?

After preparing the documents, you can commence the dissolution of the marriage. Here’s how to file for divorce:

  1. File the forms at a clerk’s office in your county—Make two copies of each document (for you and your spouse) and file the original with the court
  2. Serve divorce papers to your spouse—You have 45 days to inform your spouse about the divorce, and there are two ways to do that:
    1. Via certified mail
    2. By having a person older than 18 years deliver them personally

If you reach an agreement with your spouse, you’ll have to file the following uncontested divorce papers with the court once you both sign them:

  • Form 2—Entry of Appearance and Waiver
  • Form 3A or 3B (if you have children)—Marital Settlement Agreement
  • AOC 238.3 Acknowledgment of Preliminary/Final Verified Disclosure Statement
  • Form 4—Deposition of Petitioner
  • Form 5A or 5B (if you have children)—Finding of Fact and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage
  • Form 9—Motion for Final Decree

You can fill out most of these forms by yourself. What might be a problem is creating a marital settlement agreement. This legal document has to outline the terms of the agreement you have with your spouse regarding the most important aspects of the divorce. It is a legally binding contract, so there must not be any mistakes. To obtain an ironclad settlement agreement, sign up for DoNotPay, and we’ll draft it in minutes!

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