Can You Apply for Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation?

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How To Apply for Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation Stress-Free

Not all violent crime victims have enough resources to pay for crime-related costs, such as hospital bills and counseling. That’s why each state—including Kentucky—has a fund for victims of violent crimes that helps victims and their loved ones cover the expenses caused by a crime.

If you suffered injuries and trauma in a crime in Kentucky and need help covering crime-related costs, you’ll find this guide helpful. DoNotPay will help you apply for Kentucky crime victims compensation as quickly as possible!

What Is the KY Crime Victims Compensation Board?

The Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation Board is a part of the Office of Claims and Appeals. The Board administers the Crime Victims Compensation Fund Program created to cover crime-related expenses of:

  1. Victims of various violent crimes, such as:
  2. Family members and other dependents of homicide victims
  3. Individuals responsible for medical or funeral expenses of violent crime victims

The program receives funding from offender fees and the annual Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant. The highest compensable amount that a victim or his or her claimant can receive from the Board is $25,000.

Another program that the Board administers is the Sexual Assault Examination Program, created to cover the forensic exam costs of sexual assault victims.

Crime victims compensation (CVC) programs are payers of last resort in all states, including Kentucky. If you need help covering crime-related costs, you should use your other collateral sources first. These sources can be:

The Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation Board will cover only the expenses that your other sources can’t cover.

Who Is Eligible To Get Victims of Crime Compensation in KY?

To qualify for crime victims compensation in Kentucky, you must:

  • Be an innocent victim of a violent crime
  • Have reported the crime to the police within 48 hours of the incident
  • Cooperate with proper law enforcement authorities during the investigation and prosecution (exceptions are made for sexual assault or domestic violence victims)
  • Apply for crime victims compensation no later than five years from the date of the crime

The Board won’t approve your application if you:

  • Caused your own injuries
  • Took part in an illegal activity that caused your injuries
  • Refuse to cooperate with law enforcement (unless you’re a victim of a sexual assault or domestic violence)

If you think you qualify, and apply for crime victims compensation in Kentucky in less than five minutes!

DoNotPay Is the Easiest Way To Apply for Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation

Coping with crime-related physical and emotional pain is never easy. While applying for the crime victims compensation program won’t ease your pain, it can help you overcome financial challenges caused by a violent crime. Since the application procedure for most programs is time-consuming and nerve-wracking, DoNotPay has created a more convenient solution.

Our Compensation for Crime Victims product takes care of the application for you. We will:

  • Ask you a few questions to determine the nature of the crime and your expenses
  • Fill out the required crime victims compensation forms
  • Send your application to the Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation Board

To apply for crime victims compensation in Kentucky in a matter of minutes, and do the following:

  1. Choose the Compensation for Crime Victims product
  2. Tell us whether you’re the victim or another claimant
  3. Respond to our chatbot’s questions
  4. Verify your signature

With DoNotPay, you can learn more about various crime victims compensation funds, including emergency funds for domestic violence victims and the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

We can help you apply for CVC programs in any state, not only Kentucky. Some other states you can use our app in are:

Learn Which Costs the KY Crime Victims Fund Covers

The Crime Victims Compensation Board in Kentucky provides reimbursement for various crime-related costs. The following table shows which expenses are compensable and which ones aren’t:

Expenses Covered Expenses Not Covered
  • Medical and dental exams, treatments, and prescriptions—up to $25,000
  • Replacements of eyeglasses—benefit cap isn’t specified
  • Mental health counseling—for two years after the crime
  • Funeral or burial costs—up to $5,000
  • Lost wages for victims who were employed at the time of the incident and can’t work because of crime-related injuries—up to $150 per week
  • Lost support for dependents of homicide victims—up to $150 per week
  • Forensic exam for sexual assault victims (through the Sexual Assault Examination Program)—benefit cap isn’t specified
  • Property loss or damage (except for eyeglasses)
  • Travel costs
  • Relocation expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Living expenses (food, utility bills, rent, and similar)
  • Emotional distress
  • Crime scene cleanup

Crime Victims Compensation Board in KY Has Rejected Your Claim—What Now?

Once the Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation Board makes a decision regarding your claim, they will notify you by sending the Final Order via mail. If you think that the Board made a mistake, you have 30 days from being notified to file an appeal.

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