When To Create a Kansas Living Will

Advance Health Care Directive When To Create a Kansas Living Will

Use a Kansas Living Will To Express Your Wishes

Planning your health care ahead is a good option to prevent confusion and disputes among your loved ones. You could indicate your wishes regarding medical treatment in a living will, medical power of attorney, and advance directive to ensure everyone respects them.

Since states have different rules concerning these documents, this article explains what to pay attention to when drafting a Kansas living will.

Why Should You Have a Living Will Form in Kansas?

A living will—also called a Kansas advance directive form—is a legal document that allows you to provide explicit instructions to doctors and health care providers in case you get:

  • Unconscious
  • A terminal illness

You should draft a living will to inform your:

  • Doctors that you:
    • Wouldn’t like to receive life-sustaining procedures
    • Would like to die naturally
  • Family members and close people of your preferences for the end-of-life situation

Keep in mind that according to Kansas law:

  • Two doctors need to confirm that you won’t recover from a terminal illness for your living will to become effective
  • You will receive medicine and treatment for pain relief even when your living will goes into effect

What Is an Advance Directive in Kansas?

A Kansas advance directive is a document that includes the following forms:

Kansas Advance Directive FormsDetails
Durable power of attorney for health care decisionsA Kansas medical power of attorney (POA) is a form that lets you:

  1. Name a person—your agent or a health care proxy—to make decisions about your medical treatment in case you’re unable to make them for yourself
  2. Specify the powers you grant your agent
  3. Limit your health care agent’s authority
Living willKeep in mind that you shouldn’t complete a Kansas living will form if you’d like to receive life-sustaining procedures in case you:

  1. Have a terminal illness
  2. Cannot make your own medical decisions
Organ donationAn organ donation form could follow a Kansas living will if you:

  • Would like to make an anatomical gift upon your death
  • Have not authorized your health care agent to communicate your organ donation wishes on your behalf

Keep in mind that a:

How To Draft a Kansas Living Will and Advance Directive

If you are not sure how to create a Kansas advance directive, living will, or medical POA, take a look at the following list:

  1. Consult a lawyer—Any lawyer can draw up a legal document for you if you’re ready to settle high attorney fees
  2. Use an online template—While you can access lots of different forms online, you need to inspect them closely since some might not:
    1. Be suitable for your specific case
    2. Fulfill the necessary legal requirements
  3. Register for DoNotPay—We will:
    1. Make sure your wishes fit the legal framework
    2. Generate the document in a matter of minutes

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Can You Terminate a Living Will Form in Kansas?

You can revoke your living will at any time, but make sure to:

  1. Put the termination in writing
  2. Inform all people—who have your living will—of the termination
  3. Destroy all copies of your living will to avoid misunderstanding and prevent problems

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