A Quick and Easy Guide to Jury Duty in Massachusetts

Request Jury Duty Leave A Quick and Easy Guide to Jury Duty in Massachusetts

Managing Your Jury Duty in Massachusetts

Unsure of how to proceed with your jury duty in Massachusetts? It can be a complicated process for first-time jurors.

Preparing for jury duty will require you to understand what is expected of you and what steps you need to take before your first day in court.

Find out everything you need to know about Massachusetts jury duty in this guide. We will also explain how DoNotPay will assist with your time off request at work.

What Everyone Should Know About Massachusetts Jury Duty

Jury duty works according to this process:

  1. Prospective jurors are randomly selected from a pool of eligible residents
  2. Jurors confirm their status or request an excusal from duty
  3. Jurors attend selection and submit to questioning to eliminate potential biases
  4. Between six and 16 jurors are selected to serve in the trial
  5. The jury hears evidence and delivers a ruling

Jurors may serve on two types of juries:

Jury TypeNumber of JurorsPurposeDefense
Grand jury16Determine whether charges should be brought against a suspectNo
Trial jurySix or 12Determine whether a charged suspect is guilty of the crimeYes

Jury duty lasts an average of one to three days. Massachusetts laws state that residents can only be called to serve on a jury once every three years.

Is Massachusetts Jury Duty Mandatory?

Yes—you have to do jury duty as a part of your role in the American justice system. Jury duty is important because it ensures a group of the defendant’s peers can provide an unbiased evaluation of evidence. Skipping jury duty can result in a $2000 fine and arrest.

Massachusetts jury duty rules include exemptions for residents with debilitating disabilities. You can also request an excusal from service on your Jury Duty Confirmation form if you are over seventy years of age.

Massachusetts does not excuse prospective jurors from duty for the following commonly cited reasons:

  • Active military service
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Elected officials
  • Members of law enforcement agencies
  • Emergency response professionals

Jury Duty in Massachusetts—What if You Have a Job?

Just because you need time off from work doesn’t mean you’ll lose your job. Massachusetts state laws protect you against the following forms of workplace discrimination stemming from jury duty:

Your employer can verify your duty with a copy of your summons or with a certificate of attendance that you receive after each day in court.

Massachusetts jurors receive daily pay for their duty. Your employer is also required to provide your normal daily income while you are away.

While payment laws differ among states, Massachusetts is at the high end, paying jurors $50 per day. This is the same rate as the one paid by the federal court, which rules on federal laws.

DoNotPay Will Simplify the Task of Getting Time Off for Jury Duty

Asking for time off from work can be an awkward conversation. Just because your boss is legally required to give you paid leave doesn’t mean they’ll be enthusiastic about it.

DoNotPay can help—instead of stressing about talking to your employer directly, you can use our app to generate a professional time off request letter.

Our AI-powered robot lawyer features a Request Jury Duty Leave tool. It formats all the necessary information and attaches a copy of your summons for verification.

Sign in or sign up for DoNotPay and:

  1. Navigate to the Request Jury Duty Leave solution
  2. Provide the necessary details about your duty
  3. Provide a copy of the summons letter
  4. Add your electronic signature

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