How Long Is Jury Duty?

Request Jury Duty Exemption How Long Is Jury Duty?

How Long Is Jury Duty?

In the Sixth Amendment, a defendant in a court case has the right to a speedy and impartial trial. Serving as a juror is a rewarding and obligatory civic duty. But little is known about how to file for an exemption from jury duty or how long

In the US, about 27% of people who've been summoned for jury get duty exemption because of various circumstances. Usually, the court grants their excusal request because serving as a jury member would cause undue physical or financial hardship to the summoned individual. 

But filing postponement or deferral of jury duty is not easy. You either have to call or mail in a court-generated form. That's a time-consuming and daunting process. DoNotPay offers a better alternative, enabling you to file a jury exemption letter within minutes in three simple steps.

What is Jury Duty?

Jury duty offers citizens a chance to serve as jurors in a criminal or civil case. By serving as a juror, you ensure that defendants get their right to a speedy and public trial with total impartiality under the Sixth Amendment. Besides, jurors get a compensatory amount for their contribution to the judicial process.

How long does jury service last if not selected?Whether you're selected to serve as a juror in a court trial or not, you can expect your jury duty to last for an entire day for one trial. After the jury selection process, there's no specific time when jury service ends. It will help if you prepare to be on jury duty the whole day. After serving, your civic duty for that day will be honored for one year.
How many times do you have to serve for a jury?According to Federal Law, a US citizen can only service duty once in two years. If you've served in a US District Court or a state court within the last two years, you can petition the date and time of your jury service to be postponed or deferred by mailing the exception request form to the court's clerk, together with the summon in the return mail.

Jury service influences the court process by including and ensuring societal values, standards, and expectations in the courtroom. After jury duty, most jurors and citizens feel proud of being part of one of the fairest and most revered legal systems. 

Can Anyone File a Jury Service Excuse Request?

Even after requesting your exclusion from a jury, it's not always guaranteed that your plea will be granted. The court will first determine your situation, profession, or status to grant jury-date deferment. Some groups eligible for jury service exception include:

  1. Uniformed military-service personnel
  2. Members of the police or fire department
  3. Elected public officials

Other circumstances that may compel the court to excuse you when summoned for jury service include undue financial or physical hardship. Once you complete the questionnaire on the summon letter, follow the steps to request to be excused and submit it to the jury's office within the timeframe indicated in the court summon.

Other Ways That Can Free You from Jury Duty

The federal government outlines the qualifications citizens must meet to be summoned for jury service. Below are the eligibility requirements that a potential juror must meet:

  • Be a US national
  • Be 18 years and over
  • Reside within the judicial district or county for the past year
  • Proficient in English to clearly express themselves in the juror qualification letter
  • Have no mental or physical condition
  • Must not have a criminal record due to a felony or subordination of perjury

How to Request Excuse from Jury Duty

If you think that your situation warrants an excuse from jury service or would like a postponement due to a circumstance not outlined in your excuse questionnaire, you can request for exemption in two ways:

  • Email - You can choose to email the district court's clerical office, explaining clearly why you need to be exempted as a potential juror. If you're requesting to be excused because of a health condition, you must present a doctor's medical note (with letterhead).
  • Phone - Emailing or mailing your request form is the most recommended means for filing a jury duty excusal application. Calling your court's clerk should only be the last resort when an emergency has come, and appearing as a juror in court may be a huge inconvenience or cause extreme financial losses.

For instance, a Boston resident can call their district court at (617) 748-9152, while a Springfield resident will contact the court at (413) 785-6800.

Request Jury Service Exception; Know Jury Duty How Long with DoNotPay

Going through the standard legal procedure for requesting jury service exemption if you've been summoned for the first time or are busy most of the time. The last thing you want is to get a daunting process that wastes your time.

With DoNotPay, you can easily file your jury service postponement in three simple steps. Visit DoNotPay's "Jury Duty Excuse" product, fill in the simple queries, and leave the rest to us. DoNotPay will email or fax it to the courtroom that summoned you within the stipulated timeframe.

We are also here to offer you the guidance you need if you're unsure what steps to follow when filing for an exemption. DoNotPay will make the case on your behalf, so you get excused for your unique situation.

How to file a jury service excuse letter with DoNotPay

  1. Search Jury Duty Excuse on DoNotPay, and enter your jury duty summons information, including the assigned date, court name, juror number, and more. 
  2. Select your reason for excusal, provide a few more details regarding your situation and upload evidence to prove your point. 
  3. Enter the fax number or mailing address for the courtroom as displayed on your jury summons letter.

Let DoNotPay Help You File a Jury Postponement Request Letter

Jury duty summons can result in various ramifications to your personal and professional life if it comes at the wrong time. Because jury service is a civic duty that you can't run away from, consider requesting deferment if you feel the summons is greatly inconveniencing you.

DoNotPay provides an easier way to effect a LA County jury duty postponement. Through the new Jury Duty Excuse product, we'll generate the excuse letter for you and either fax it or mail it with supporting evidence to the courtroom you were assigned to. You should receive a response from them soon via email, phone, or mail once your request is processed.

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