A Straightforward Explanation of Jury Duty in Columbus, Ohio

Making Sense of Jury Duty in Columbus, Ohio

Since Columbus is the county seat of Franklin County, the policies governing jury duty in Franklin County, Ohio, apply to jury service in Columbus.

The citizens who know that jury duty is mandatory and see it as an important civic responsibility will want to understand everything about it. They'll want to know how to prepare for jury duty in Columbus, Ohio, the time they'll spend in service, the amount they'll be paid, etc.

Those who can't serve will want to legally excuse themselves from service and not skip jury duty without a good reason. We lay out all the major elements of jury duty in Ohio and show you the best way to .

What To Do After Receiving a Jury Summons

How does jury duty work in Columbus, Ohio? Once you receive a jury summons, your first move is to respond to it via the Juror Web Portal on Franklin County's website. You'll provide your:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Juror ID barcode

This will give you access to an online juror questionnaire.

After this, you'll report to court only if you get an email instructing you to do so.

Jury duty in Columbus, Ohio, lasts for two weeks. You'll receive a notification every day containing information for the next day. This notification will reveal:

  • Whether you should report for service or not
  • What the time and date for reporting are
  • Whether you'll be placed back on call or not

Typically, your jury service will terminate on the Friday of your second week. If you were not impaneled after jury selection, you might be summoned again for future cases.

Can I Be Exempted From Jury Duty in Columbus, Ohio?

There are several reasons for seeking excusal from jury duty according to jury duty laws in Ohio. You may be eligible if you are:

  • A person younger than 18 or older than 75
  • Someone who is a non-citizen and non-resident of the U.S. or the summoning county
  • A sole caregiver to a sick or physically challenged family member
  • Child care personnel active during business hours without an alternative care solution
  • A person with an active felony conviction
  • Someone who is on active military assignment
  • A full-time student
  • A person who doesn’t speak English
  • An individual who can’t receive paid time off from their employer
  • A self-employed person that would experience undue hardship because of jury duty service
  • A person with a medical problem that affects their ability to serve
  • Someone who has already served jury duty within the last two years

People eligible for excusal need to fax or email required documentation no less than five days before their jury service.

What Else Should You Know About Jury Service in Columbus?

The table below answers other important questions about jury duty in Columbus, Ohio:

Jury Service QuestionsAnswers
Do jurors get paid?Jurors get $15 every day—this is different from federal jurors' pay in Ohio or payments in other states. The court will issue a check to you approximately ten days after your service
Are employers required to pay?Employers decide to pay employees at their discretion
Can I get documentation proving my jury service?If your employer wants proof of your jury service, the Jury Commissioner can provide a jury attendance sheet

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