A Comprehensive Guide to Jury Duty in Cleveland, Ohio

An Overview of Jury Duty in Cleveland, Ohio

If you frequently receive jury summons and find them a hassle, you aren’t alone. Many people find jury duty inconvenient, but showing up for it is mandatory for all. If you don’t, you risk being penalized.

In this article, we will explain what you should know about jury duty in Cleveland, Ohio. If you need to take time off from work to attend jury duty, and get an airtight leave request letter within a matter of minutes!

How Does Jury Duty in Cleveland Work?

Jury duty allows all accused to have a fair trial by letting citizens decide the outcome of a case. It ensures a just legal system and eliminates any chance of discrimination.

Here is how jury duty works in Cleveland, Ohio:

  1. The court uses computer software to randomly select candidates from a list of:
    1. Registered voters
    2. Ohio ID cardholders
    3. Licensed drivers
  2. If your name is selected, you will receive a jury summons requesting you to show up in court at a specific date and time
  3. When you appear in court, you will have to answer a detailed questionnaire to determine whether you can qualify as a juror
  4. In case you are shortlisted, lawyers from both sides will question you further to confirm whether you are eligible

Can You Get Paid for Jury Duty?

Jury duty payment varies from state to state, but Ohio courts pay their jurors as follows:

Juror TypeCompensation
State jurors
  • $10 per day
Federal jurors
  • $50 per day for the first ten days
  • $60 per day for each day after that

How Long Does Jury Duty Last?

On average, jury duty in Cleveland lasts for either:

  • Two days
  • One trial

Jurors who do not participate in the trial are excused after their second day of service. If you are selected as a jury member, you will need to serve for the length of the trial, which can be another two to four days.

Can You Get Exempted for Jury Duty?

Since you are obligated to attend jury duty, failure to appear in court at the scheduled date and time will result in a $50 fine.

You can request an exemption from jury duty in the following cases—if you have:

  • A doctor’s appointment
  • Business trip
  • Job interview
  • Vacation plans
  • Student commitments

Can You Get Fired for Serving as a Juror?

According to Ohio law, your employer does not have the right to threaten, intimidate, or fire you for attending jury duty. They must provide you with unpaid time off and cannot force you to skip jury duty. It is your responsibility to inform them in advance by showing them the jury summons as proof.

In case your employer tries to coerce you in any way, they may face a fine of up to $250, imprisonment of 30 days, or a combination of both.

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