How to Write a Jury Duty Caregiver Excuse Letter?

Request Jury Duty Exemption How to Write a Jury Duty Caregiver Excuse Letter?

How to Write a Jury Duty Caregiver Excuse Letter?

Jury duty is considered one of your civic duties as a United States citizen, so it is important to serve. However, there are times when serving can cause undue hardship, and states recognize this and allow exemptions in certain cases. If you are the primary caregiver for a young child, an elderly person, or a disabled individual, who cannot otherwise care for themselves or be left alone, you may qualify for an exemption from jury duty. DoNotPay can efficiently help you draft a jury duty caregiver excuse letter request for a deferral or excuse from jury duty.

Can I Be Excused from Jury Duty as a Caregiver?

Jury duty laws vary by state. You can usually search for your state's jury duty laws online and find helpful information.

Common Caregiver Exemptions

Sometimes, states will automatically allow for exemptions if you are:

New MothersA new mother who is breastfeeding will be exempted.
Primary Caregiver For Child Under Certain AgeThe primary caregiver for a child under a specified age that would not have adequate supervision while you serve is exempted.
Primary Caregiver For Medically FragileThe primary caregiver of a medically fragile dependent is exempted.
Primary Caregiver For The Mentally/Physically DisabledThe primary caretaker for an individual who is mentally or physically unable to care

for themselves and/or be left alone is exempted.

You may be required to submit documentation/proof, such as a letter from a doctor citing medical reasons.

You May Not Automatically Qualify

  • Being a caregiver does not automatically qualify you for exemption in some states.
  • You may be ineligible in some states if you also work outside the home.
  • Most states do not include careers/jobs as caregivers for exemption

Undue Hardship

Even if you do not automatically qualify for a caregiver exemption, many courts recognize that every situation is unique and that sometimes jury duty service can cause undue hardships. Therefore, the courts may grant a postponement of jury service or an exemption based on caregiver status.

How To Request an Excuse From Jury Duty as a Caregiver

The method by which you will file for an excuse will vary by state.

  1. Read your summons carefully.
  2. Verify that you are qualified/eligible for service. If you are not qualified (due to recent service, etc.) you may be automatically excused and not even need to request an exemption.
  3. Read the list of exemptions and determine if your caregiver status automatically exempts you from service.
  4. Determine how to file your excuse for exemption. You may need to submit your letter through an online portal or by mail.
  5. Curate a professional letter and submit it along with any required documentation (doctor's supporting statement, etc.)
  6. If you are required to appear in court to request an undue hardship exemption, prepare for jury duty as usual in case your request is not granted.

Write a Sample Jury Duty Caregiver Excuse Letter on Your Own

Although we provide a sample letter, DoNotPay can write a professional and convincing jury duty excuse request on your behalf.

If you choose to write the letter yourself, remember to address your letter to the judge or appointed juror services employee who handles exemption requests, if that information is given. Otherwise, "To whom it may concern" will suffice.

Sample Jury Duty Caregiver Excuse Letter

[Date of letter-month, day, and year]

[Recipient's first and last names]


[Street or P.O. box address]

[City, State ZIP code]

Dear [recipient's name]:

I have received a summons requiring my presence for jury duty on [DATE.] Although I am more than willing to serve and fulfill my civic duty under normal circumstances, my current situation makes it impossible for me to serve. Specifically, [I am the primary caregiver for my disabled mother who requires my constant care and attention.] Therefore, I am respectfully requesting that I be excused from jury duty at this time. I have included documentation to support my request.

Please respond if your office needs additional information and to notify me whether your office has granted me an excuse from jury duty. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. I look forward to hearing from you and serving in the future.



[Sender's first and last names]

You can customize the letter to meet your specific needs, including any required information or documentation required by the court which summoned you for jury duty. If your summons includes any form of identification or juror badge number that is associated with your name, include it with your signature.

Let DoNotPay File Your Jury Duty Caregiver Excuse Letter On Your Behalf

If you want to submit a jury duty caregiver excuse letter but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in easy steps:

  1. Search Jury Duty Excuse on DoNotPay, and enter your jury duty summons information, including the assigned date, court name, juror number, and more.


  2. Select your reason for excusal, and provide a few more details regarding your situation and upload evidence to prove your point.


  3. Enter the fax number or mailing address for the courtroom as displayed on your jury summons letter.


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