How To Draft a Rock-Solid Joint Venture Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents How To Draft a Rock-Solid Joint Venture Agreement

Create a Rock-Solid Joint Venture Agreement in a Snap

Writing and preparing legal documents can turn into a nightmare for people who don’t know much about the law. Contracts are usually full of complicated terms, and those who have never made them before can easily miss crucial details while trying to write a contract from scratch.

To make an effective joint venture agreement, you must understand its purpose and what such a document needs to contain to be valid. 

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What Is a Joint Venture Agreement?

A joint venture agreement is a contract between two business entities planning to start a collaboration. The purpose of this document is to set out the terms and conditions proposed by both parties.

Reasons for signing such agreements may include:

  • Sharing and combining resources to achieve better results on the market
  • Joining forces when it comes to teams’ skills and expertise 
  • Spending less money by making mutual marketing strategies 

People usually confuse joint venture agreements with partnership contracts, but there’s a huge difference between these two documents. Besides being signed by two separate businesses, joint venture contracts are temporary, and they usually end once the predetermined goal is achieved. Partnership agreements are long-term contracts between two individuals who are starting a business together to make a mutual profit.

Are Joint Venture Agreements Legally Binding?

Like most other types of agreements, a joint venture contract becomes legally binding when both parties sign it. If either party violates the rules and conditions determined in the contract, the document can be used in court to protect the rights of the affected entity.

What Should Joint Venture Agreements Contain?

To make sure your joint venture contract contains all the relevant information, you can use this mini-list of the necessary details you need to include:

  1. Number of parties
  2. Names of the parties
  3. Duration and structure of the joint venture
  4. Operation field of the joint venture—science, engineering, etc.
  5. Management structure members and their contributions
  6. Ownership split—a percentage of ownership each party has
  7. Profit method and cost division between the participating entities
  8. Responsibilities of each party
  9. Available resources
  10. Dispute resolution details
  11. Confidential information regulations
  12. Termination terms and conditions
  13. State law that will apply to the joint venture
  14. Signatures of both parties

Why Are Joint Venture Contracts Necessary?

Like any other agreement, a joint venture contract is there to regulate the relationship between two entities. At times, creating a new project with another company, whose regulations can significantly differ from yours, can bring some dissent or misunderstandings. Joint venture contracts should solve all potential problems by:

  • Determining the rules—If the established rules are straightforward, it’s less likely that either party will violate them due to a misunderstanding
  • Helping you remember what your duties are—The contract will always be at your disposal, and you can revise it anytime to ensure you are following all the rules
  • Letting you know what the duties of the other party are—You will be able to check whether the other entity obeys the prescribed rules and react on time if they don’t

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