How To Draft a Joinder Agreement

A Rundown on the Joinder Agreement

When you decide to welcome a new member to your LLC or any other organization, you must update your primary contract and include the new person in it. The best way to do it is to draft a joinder agreement. The problem is that most people don’t know much about the law, which makes writing a proper contract difficult and tiresome.

If you are facing such a challenge, get some help from our guide! We will help you understand the purpose of joinder agreements and provide some assistance in creating one. Read our tips and learn how to avoid complicated contract-drafting procedures with DoNotPay!

Joinder Agreements in a Nutshell

A joinder agreement is a legal document that allows a new party to join the existing contract. It is crucial to make a difference between this agreement and an amendment. Companies and other entities use amendments to introduce significant changes to their contracts and avoid rewriting them. Joinder agreements don’t modify already established terms and conditions. They are short and simple attachments to the original document stating that a new signer was added to the contract.

Joinder agreements are common in the following contracts:

To become effective, this agreement must meet a few criteria:

  1. Your primary contract must have a disclosure approving the addition of new parties—Without this clause, other entities can’t join the agreement
  2. The new party is the only individual signing this contract—The rest of the signatures must be on the primary agreement

What Are the Benefits of a Joinder Agreement?

With joinder agreements, you don’t need to prepare a new contract once a new signer enters the scene. It means you won’t spend time and money on the contract restatement. You also don’t need to obtain the signatures from other parties again, as the ones on the primary contract remain valid.

A joinder agreement ensures the new party will always be aware of their duties and responsibilities. It makes the agreed rules more understandable to them and helps them align with the established regulations.

How To Compose a Joinder Agreement

The following table shows a few available methods to create a joinder agreement:



Using professional assistanceLawyers can draw up a perfect agreement, but they may charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per document
Using online contract templatesMany platforms offer loads of fill-out legal documents to edit. While this is a quick and affordable solution, online templates may not be applicable or adequate in all situations. You can’t always modify them according to your needs, and when the laws change, they can become invalid
Drawing up a contract yourselfTo write a proper joinder agreement, you must be familiar with all mandatory clauses. These include the:
  • Date of signature
  • Name and title of the new party
  • Agreement type
  • Section that confirms the new person or member is a new signer of the deal
  • New member’s signature

Even though you can do this for free, it is almost impossible to draft an agreement without specific legal knowledge. You must also be aware of the applicable laws in the state and align each provision with them

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