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Johnson and Johnson is one of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and CPG companies. J&J generates around $82 billion annually, with its top products including Tylenol, Stelara, Invega, and other pharmaceuticals. In addition to medication, Johnson and Johnson sells well-known baby and personal care products, including its infamous talc powder.

Over the years, J&J has come under fire for being one of “America’s most admired lawbreakers”, as it relies on elaborate marketing schemes and sales tactics. In addition, J&J has come under fire for concealing potentially damaging test results and manipulating information to release new products on the market.

If you’ve ever been affected by the negligence of Johnson and Johnson in the form of medical, physical, or mental damages — you might be entitled to compensation. Read on to see how can help you file a small claims suit against the corporate giant.

Why Sue Johnson and Johnson?

In 2021, J&J announced that they set aside $4 billion for “litigation expenses”. Many people sue Johnson and Johnson after being harmed by one of their products. Here are some examples:

  • Johnson’s Talcum Powder: To date, there have been 27,168 lawsuits regarding the cancerous effects of talc powder. Injuries caused include ovarian cancer and mesothelioma cancer.
  • Xarelto: There are 13,511 lawsuits against J&J’s blood thinner drug. Injuries reported include blood clots, severe bleeding, and infection of wounds.
  • Pinnacle acetabular cup: This medical device serves as a hip replacement but has been the center of 7,000 lawsuits. Report injuries include dislocation, metal poisoning, and revision surgeries.

If you have been using a Johnson and Johnson product and developed cancer, life-threatening injuries, or other further damages, you may have a reason to file a lawsuit.

Before You Sue

The largest lawsuits against J&J are processed in state and federal courts, however, you can pursue a claim against the corporation in small claims court by yourself. Before you begin, you must ensure that your claim is appropriate for small claims court. Go through the steps below to guarantee that your claim is eligible to file.

  • Decide what type of compensation you want

There are two major types of reliefs you can pursue in your claim - monetary or equitable. Monetary compensation is a dollar value payment that is distributed over time or as a lump sum. Equitable remedies are non-monetary requests. Most small claims courts only allow monetary remedies.

  • Choose your compensation amount

The maximum amount you can claim is up to $15,000, but it can be as low as $2,500 in some states.

  • Choose a small claims court.

Small claims cases are typically filed in the jurisdiction the business operates. J&J is

headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey so you would have to file a claim with Middlesex County small claims court.

Suing Johnson and Johnson in Small Claims Court

Send a Demand LetterFirst, send a letter detailing the following:
  • Who you are (name, phone number, address, and account number if applicable)
  • What you encountered (state the issue and include evidence)
  • What you want from J&J (for instance, how much money)

When this is completed, mail it to:

Johnson & Johnson

1 Johnson and Johnson Place

New Brunswick, NJ

United States, 08933

Fill Out Court FormsFill out state-specific paperwork and any additional forms that might be requested by the county in which the incident took place.

Most court forms are free of charge on the court’s website:

  • Keep these forms
  • Maintain copies
  • Have excess at your disposal in the event that the court clerk requires multiple
File A Complaint With The Court
  • Depending on state and county regulations, you might need to mail, fax, or file in-person
  • You will likely need to pay a small filing fee before you’re allowed to sue, but this may be waived if you have a low income. Then, you’ll receive the finalized forms that will need to be notarized.
Serve Johnson and Johnson
  • Deliver a copy of the filed paperwork to Johnson and Johnson.
  • Check your state and county service of procedure regulations, as many states invalidate small-claims suits if they are not served properly.
Go To CourtShow up to relevant court dates, keep track of filed forms and maintain records of evidence to support your claim.

Things to Keep in Mind

Johnson and Johnson is one of the most powerful corporations in the world and has a well-equipped legal team. It may be difficult for the average civilian to handle the costs of filing a lawsuit with a lawyer or pursuing a small claims case by themself. As a solution to this issue, makes the suing process easier with foolproof technology.

Automated Small Claims Suits With DoNotPay

DoNotPay is the perfect solution to successfully file a small-claims suit in a simple and concise manner. To file a lawsuit using DoNotPay, follow these steps:

  • Log in to on any web browser or your mobile device
  • Select the “Sue Now” product
  • Enter the dollar amount that you are owed (this could be lost wages or the cost of medical bills)
  • Select whether you’d like to receive a demand letter or court filing forms
  • Describe your reason for filing the lawsuit, and submit any additional details (including photo evidence)

That’s all there is to it! With DoNotPay, the process of suing J&J is covered in an instant! DoNotPay will generate a demand letter or court filing forms for you. If you would like, a copy of the demand letter will be mailed to the business you are suing.

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