How To Apply for Jefferson County Crime Victim Compensation

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How To Apply for Jefferson County Crime Victim Compensation in a Tick!

Other than bodily injuries and emotional trauma, violent crime victims also face other repercussions of the crime, including high medical, funeral, and counseling expenses. Each Colorado district helps violent crime victims bear these expenses by granting awards through their funds for violent crime victims. To get reimbursement for injuries suffered in a violent crime, you need to apply for victim compensation in the district where the crime took place.

This guide will tell you how to apply for Jefferson County crime victim compensation in a matter of minutes. DoNotPay’s product enables you to in any state or county in the U.S.—including Jefferson County—in a few easy steps.

Jefferson County Crime Victim Compensation Program Explained

The District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson County administers the Crime Victim Compensation Program that provides much-needed financial assistance to victims of violent crimes. Some of the crimes covered by the program are:

The Jefferson County CVC Program receives a percentage of the annual Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant. The grant is divided among all districts in Colorado, according to each program’s needs. The compensation program in Jefferson County also obtains funding by collecting offenders’ fees and fines for:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Traffic offenses

Direct victims aren’t the only ones that can apply for compensation. Other eligible claimants are:

  1. Family members of the victims
  2. Dependents of homicide victims
  3. Secondary victims (individuals who witnessed the crime)

Bear in mind that the Crime Victim Compensation Program should be your last resort. Should your other sources fail to cover all crime-related costs, you can file for the compensation program. These sources can be life or health insurance, restitution, Medicaid, workers’ compensation, and similar.

Do You Qualify for the CVC Program in Jefferson County?

Whether you’re the victim or another claimant, you need to meet some requirements to be eligible to apply for the Jefferson County CVC Program. Check out the following table to determine whether you qualify for compensation:

EligibleTo get reimbursement for your crime-related costs, you must:
  • Have suffered injuries in a crime that took place in Jefferson County
  • Have reported the crime to the proper law enforcement agency in the first 72 hours
  • Cooperate with law enforcement authorities during the investigation and prosecution
  • File your CVC Program application within one year of the incident
Not EligibleYour application will be denied if you:
  • Were an accomplice in the crime that resulted in injuries
  • Didn’t file a police report
  • Refuse to cooperate with law enforcement
  • Caused your own injuries

File an Application for Victim Compensation in Jefferson County With DoNotPay in the Blink of an Eye

People usually feel discouraged by complicated application procedures, which is why not many victims apply for compensation. DoNotPay strives to make the process as easy as possible for victims of any violent crime, including homicide, assault and battery, and the 9/11 terrorist attack.

You can apply for the Crime Victim Compensation in Jefferson County quickly and stress-free by and following these steps:

  1. Pick the Compensation for Crime Victims product
  2. Tell us whether you’re the victim or a dependent of the victim
  3. Respond to our questions regarding the crime and your expenses
  4. Verify your signature

Once you click on the Submit button, we will complete the necessary forms according to your answers and send the application to the right office.

You can use our Compensation for Crime Victims feature in any state, including:

What Is the Crime Victim Compensation Limit in Jefferson County?

The maximum compensable amount for all crime-related expenses is $30,000 per case. Each cost has its own benefit cap imposed by the program rules.

Find Out Which Expenses the Jefferson County CVC Program Covers!

The following table shows some crime-related expenses you can seek reimbursement for and the benefit cap for each cost:

Covered ExpensesBenefit Cap
Mental health therapy and counseling for primary and secondary victims
  • Three initial assessments
  • Up to 26 additional sessions if the Board and the licensed professional determine that the victim needs an extension
  • Seven days or $15,000 for in-patient treatment, whichever is less
Medical and dental costs
  • $30,000 for:
    • Treatments
    • Prescriptions
    • Examinations
    • Prosthetics
    • Hearing aids
    • Dentures
    • Other medically necessary devices
  • $1,000 for massage or acupuncture
  • $750 for eyeglasses or contact lenses
Home modification for victims who are disabled because of crime-related injuries
  • Not specified
Lost income
  • 80% of the victim’s gross hourly salary up to three months from the crime
Lost support from dependents of homicide victims
  • $3,000 per dependent
Funeral costs
  • $10,000
  • Additional $2,000 for travel costs of immediate family members
Replacement and repair of locks, windows, and doors
  • $1,000
Security systems and devices
  • $1,500
Crime scene cleanup
  • $1,000
  • $2,000
  • $4,000 if multiple family members are primary victims

You can learn more about all compensable costs here.

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