Jackson County, Missouri, Jury Duty Explained

All You Need To Know About Jackson County, Missouri, Jury Duty

Jury duty regulations vary on a state and federal level. If you’ve been summoned for Jackson County, Missouri, jury duty, you should know how the process works and whether you can skip it.

The first step that you need to take when preparing for jury duty is sending a time off request to your employer. Our app can help you without hassle.

Jury Duty in Jackson County in a Nutshell

Every person has the right to a trial by jury as a part of the American judicial system. This practice is essential to uphold democracy and fairness, which is why it’s mandatory for everyone who is eligible. In Jackson County, Missouri, eligible jurors must meet the following criteria:

  • Over 21 years of age
  • Currently residing in Jackson County
  • Capable of communicating in English
  • No physical or mental infirmity
  • Restored civil rights (for ex-convicts)

The names of eligible citizens are selected at random from a number of records, such as:

  • Driver’s license database
  • Voter’s registration
  • Personal property tax list

If your name gets selected from the jury pool, you will receive a summons in the mail with further instructions. You will go through a selection process where attorneys in charge will interview you to find out more about your background, beliefs, prejudice, and similar.

Jury Duty in Jackson County—What Happens if You Pass the Selection?

The court will inform you of the trial date, and you are expected to show up and be available for the entirety of the trial, which lasts for three and a half days on average.

Juror pay varies in every state and county. In Jackson County, Missouri, you will be paid anywhere between $6 and $18 per day.

If you serve as a federal court juror, you will be paid $50 per day and $60 per day starting from the tenth day.

After you have finished your service, you will not be included in the jury pool for the next two years.

What Are the Exemptions to Jury Duty in Jackson County?

You are exempt from jury duty if any of the following applies to you:

SituationStatutory Exemption? (Yes/No)
Breastfeeding motherYes
Medical workerYes
Elected officialNo
Old ageNo

You can request your duty to be postponed by sending an exemption request letter containing your reason and evidence. If you experience inconvenience or hardship that is not listed in the table, you can try asking for excusal during the jury selection day.

Seniors above the age of 75 can still request an exemption on the grounds of poor health or similar factors, but they have to notify the court via email, fax, letter, or the eJuror website.

Postponement can be made only once, and the replacement date should be within the next six months.

If you don’t notify the court of your absence, you will be:

  1. Fined up to $500
  2. Subjected to a period of community service equivalent to the supposed duration of your jury duty

Can You Get Fired for Jury Duty in Jackson County, Missouri?

Employers can’t fire or penalize jurors who miss work due to jury service in Missouri. You can get unpaid leave by informing your superior of your summons in advance.

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