Jackson County, Missouri, Divorce Forms Clarified by DoNotPay

Divorce Settlement Agreement Jackson County, Missouri, Divorce Forms Clarified by DoNotPay

Get Off to the Right Start With the Correct Jackson County, Missouri, Divorce Forms

The first step in a divorce—filing divorce papers—is often the hardest.

All your paperwork needs to be prepared before you start, and if you are aiming for a friendly divorce with an out-of-court settlement, you cannot afford to make mistakes.

DoNotPay understands this and is here to help with all the information you need on the Jackson County, Missouri, divorce forms you need.

How Does Divorce in Jackson County, MO, Work?

Missouri is a no-fault divorce state, so you do not need to prove your spouse has committed any wrongdoing to justify your divorce case.

You are not even allowed to file for an at-fault divorce in the Show-Me State, but the judge may take any wrongdoing by you or your spouse into account when deciding on a settlement in a contested case.

The only requirement is that you or your spouse fulfill the residency requirement of 90 days living in the state before you file. After you have filed your papers, you will have to wait an additional 30 days before the court takes any further action.

The steps in filing for divorce in Jackson County are:

  1. Filing divorce papers
  2. Serving the papers
  3. Reaching a settlement agreement

Filing Divorce Papers

The correct papers have to be filed with the clerk of the Jackson County family court.

You will have to cover the filing fee of between $200 and $300, depending on whether children are involved.

The clerk of the court will stamp your papers and issue you with a summons to serve on your spouse.

Serving the Papers

You—as the petitioner in the case—must have your filing delivered to your spouse by a sheriff or private process server.

If your soon-to-be-ex agrees on an uncontested divorce, they can waive the requirement to have the papers served by signing a waiver of personal service.

Reaching a Settlement Agreement

Once your papers have been filed and your spouse served, you have a 30-day vesting period to reach a settlement agreement.

If you can agree on all the terms of your settlement and file a signed agreement before your first hearing, your case will be seen as uncontested, and you will be able to:

What Forms Do You Need in Jackson County?

The state of Missouri provides forms for your initial divorce filing, consisting of:

Divorce FormExplanation
Petition for dissolution of marriage

This is a formal request to the court to grant your divorce. You need to fill it out, sign it, and have it notarized before you lodge it with the county court

Income and expense statement

You and your spouse need to list your full income and expenses, including both joint and separate items

Statement of property and debt

All your joint and separate assets and liabilities need to be disclosed, including real estate

Parenting plan

If you have children, you need to include a shared parenting plan that ensures your children will be looked after adequately

Filing information sheet

This is a data sheet that captures your details, as well as those of your spouse and children

Certificate of dissolution and proposed judgment of dissolution of marriage

These two forms will be signed and stamped by the judge when your divorce is granted

What About the Settlement Agreement?

The make-or-break document for ensuring your divorce is granted as quickly as possible is your divorce settlement agreement.

A settlement agreement should set out how all the elements of your financial and family statements will be split after your divorce.

Besides dealing with the division of your assets and liabilities, it must cover:

To have your settlement agreement negotiated and drawn up, you can use:

Settlement Agreement ResourcesExplanation

Attorneys can negotiate and draft your settlement agreement, but this is a quick way to land yourself with a high-cost divorce.

The average cost of an uncontested divorce in Missouri is around $4,500, most of which consists of lawyers’ fees.

You can reduce these costs significantly by using a mediation service instead of lawyers to help you negotiate your settlement—Missouri mediators charge between $100 and $250 per hour. If you and your spouse already agree on most of your settlement, you should be able to settle within a small number of sessions

Online service

You can download a template from numerous local and national online divorce services, but you should be careful—many of these templates are highly generic and may not cover your specific needs. If a judge is unhappy with the completeness of your agreement, it will be rejected, and your case will have to be contested in court

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Once everything is filled in, you will have your document in an instant. You can sign it together with your spouse and have it notarized.

No need to worry if you don’t know where to find a notary in Missouri—our online notarization service can get your documents signed and sealed from the comfort of your home!

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