Is Safe? Does It Keep My File?

File Converter Is Safe? Does It Keep My File?

Is Safe? Does It Keep My File?

ClipConverter is a free online media conversion application that allows you to convert and download audio and video content from various media platforms. The web application is not outright harmful, but unregulated use might lead to copyright breaching or infection of malware into your device.

The ClipConverter website has limited resources on terms of service, copyright protection, and device security. The company also provides general contact and support contact for anyone who wishes to communicate with the management.

DoNotPay makes everything easier for you by providing you with a comprehensive review to help you gauge if is safe for use through your phone. 

What Is ClipConverter and How Does It Work?

ClipConverter is a free online tool that helps you convert media from different platforms and download it. You can download the media in video or audio from the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • MySpace
  • Vevo

The application works by providing an interface where you paste the URL of the media you intend to download on the user interface, choose a format, and initiate the conversion process. Your media will be ready for download at the end of the conversion process.

Is ClipConverter Safe?

ClipConverter is not directly unsafe to use. However, there is a high possibility of cyber insecurity in the following ways:

Copyright InfringementClipConverter has a copyright declaration on its website that asks you to only use it on free online media for personal use. However, there are no features that prevent the download of copyrighted media.

The company admits the copyright infringement possibility and has a dedicated line of communication for content producers to report any copyright crimes. For example, if your content has been copyrighted through ClipConverter, email them, and your content will be blocked from recording through the platform.

MalwareThe ClipConverter homepage has multiple pop-up ads, which might suffocate your content. Clicking an ad on the ClipConverter website might download malware or potentially unwanted application or applications (PUAs).

The PUAs might be Adware or other types of corrupt apps that compromise your device and damage your registry files and system functionalities. The website also has popup ads that often redirect to other websites, tricking you into using new software or services and exposing your device to infection.

The dangers of clicking on the ClipConverter ads include:

  • Opening your device to identity theft malware
  • Getting tricked into buying dubious anti-spyware, antivirus, or other software that gets data from your device
  • Exposure to unwanted ads, updates, annoying 'news' notifications, and other distractions
  • Downloading a Trojan dubbed as a download accelerator that destroys your device

The only way to get rid of the malware downloaded from the ClipConverter is by installing a functional antivirus, which will cost you.

Are There Alternatives to ClipConverter?

Although ClipConverter is popular, many security loopholes exist in using the resource. Here are several platforms that are safer alternatives to ClipConverter, including:

  1. AceThinker Video Keeper: AceThinker Video Keeper is a free web app that facilitates the download of videos from different websites without a subscription. The platform offers a variety of video formats and quality to choose from. The tool is safe and reliable with minimum ads on the user page and supported on almost all web browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and more.  AceThinker Video Keeper can download multiple videos at once of up to 4K quality and can download videos protected by copyright on YouTube.
  2. CatchVideo: CatchVideo is a video-sharing platform that allows users to download videos before visiting the sites where the videos are published. The platform does not respect copyright protection, and you can download videos from almost all platforms except Vevo. All you need to do is add the word 'download' before the name of the video you intend to download, and CatchVideo will show you all the available versions.  An extended version of the tool allows users to fetch videos from specific sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  3. Any Video Converter:  Any Video Converter is an online multifunctional video converter and downloader that manipulates video files into multiple formats and styles depending on your needs. The video manipulation tool is available as freeware and as a paid version. The platform offers more than clip conversion services by providing video enhancement, audio conversion, video editing, and combination tools. The paid version offers users advanced video manipulation features and include:
  • Any Video Converter Ultimate
  • Any Video Converter Pro

Let DoNotPay Help You With All Your File Conversion Issues

Converting and downloading files is often associated with third-party websites that do not have proper user security features. Cybersecurity is a sensitive issue, and ClipConverter exposes you to malware and cyber insecurity.

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