Is a Small Business Loan Secured or Unsecured? DoNotPay Explains

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Is a Small Business Loan Secured or Unsecured? DoNotPay Has the Answer

When deciding on which small business loan to choose, you must understand the difference between a secured and unsecured loan. The category you choose will affect your interest rates, payment schedule, and any claims that the lender might have on your assets.

Is a small business loan secured or unsecured? If this is a question you have been asking, look no further because DoNotPay has all the info you need.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to secured vs. unsecured small business loans. In case you need help with finding a lender or applying for a loan, we can help with that too! Subscribe to our app and let us narrow the best lenders down and draft a loan request letter within minutes!

What Are Small Business Loans?

A small business loan represents an easy financing solution for many small business expenses—for example, day-to-day expenses, working capital investments, or equipment and real estate purchases.

Depending on their budget and requirements, business owners have a variety of small business loan options to choose from, such as:

Small Business Loan OptionsBrief Description
Term loan
  • Helps fund significant business investments
  • Has a fixed interest rate
SBA loan
  • Guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Has a strict requirement process
Business line of credit
  • Operates as a regular credit card
  • Works best for people who can not estimate the exact amount of money they need
Equipment loan
  • Provides money to buy or replace commercial equipment
Real estate loan
  • Is used for purchasing buildings and land or constructing and renovating facilities
  • Is preferred by business owners who are looking for a small loan
  • Comes with fixed or variable interest rates
Startup loan
Working capital loan
  • Finances a business’ daily expenses

Are Small Business Loans Secured or Unsecured?

Small business loans can be classified into two main categories:

  1. Secured loans
  2. Unsecured loans

Secured Loans

Secured loans—usually granted by banks—require you to use assets as collateral to provide security in case of default. When you apply for a loan, you will need to nominate an asset against which you can secure the loan. The asset can range from equipment to property and vehicles.

The value of the asset will determine the amount of money you can borrow. Since the process for valuing the asset can be time-consuming, your loan application can take a long time to process.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans do not need any form of security and are based solely on the business’ credit ratings and financial health. Since the lender is lenient in terms of collateral, the business loan terms might not be favorable compared to a secured loan.

These loans are quick to arrange because the amount offered by the lender is low to reduce the risk.

Secured vs. Unsecured Small Business Loans

Here are the key differences between secured and unsecured small business loans:

Key FactorsSecured LoanUnsecured Loan
RequirementsStrong financials and high-value assetsGood credit rating, healthy profits, and a solid business plan
Processing timeCan take a long timeQuick to arrange
Amount of loanLarger loan amountsSmall loan amounts
Interest ratesLow interest ratesHigh interest rates
Repayment scheduleLonger and flexible repayment termsShorter repayment schedule
CollateralUsually requiredNot required

Both types of loans have their pros and cons, so the most suitable loan depends on what you want to achieve with it. If your business has more assets and less cash, you should opt for a secured loan. In case your financial situation is good, but you don’t have any assets to provide as collateral, choose the unsecured loan.

Before choosing between a secured and unsecured loan, go through the documentation in detail to understand the terms, including the risk involved if you are unable to pay.

How To Apply for a Small Business Loan

Whichever loan you apply for, it is essential to understand the requirements properly to make sure you qualify for it. Once your research is complete, you should follow these instructions to get your loan:

  1. Gather your personal and business financial documentation for your loan application. This should include:
    1. A government-issued photo ID
    2. Business incorporation documents
    3. Profit and loss statement
    4. Cash flow statement
    5. Bank statements (personal and business)
    6. Tax statements (personal and business)
  2. Prepare a professional loan request letter specifying how much you want to borrow and how you intend to use and repay the money
  3. Clarify if you can provide any security or collateral
  4. Analyze and negotiate the terms of the proposed business loan

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