Is a Debt Written Off After 6 Years? — All You Need to Know

Stop Debt Collectors Is a Debt Written Off After 6 Years? — All You Need to Know

Is a Debt Written Off After 6 Years? — All You Need to Know

It can be very overwhelming when you are having debt issues and you may be desperate to do anything to make it disappear. Although you can get help with your debts, they probably won't just vanish. In some cases, however, debt can become statute-barred.

So, is debt written off after six years? Keep on reading to find out how DoNotPay can help take debt collectors off your back.

What Does It Mean for Debt to Be Statute-Barred?

A debt after six years can become statute-barred. This means the creditor has no right to take you to court to get the money, although you technically owe them money. You should know that statute-barred applies to unsecured loans.

What Criteria Must Your Debt Meet to Be Written Off After Six Years?

When your loan becomes statute-barred, it can be written off after six years (kind of). This rule doesn't apply to everyone who has personal debt. Your debt after six years can be statute-barred if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Must be six years old
  2. You must not have acknowledged the debt in writing over the last six years
  3. You must not have paid anything over the past six years. Otherwise, the clock resets.
  4. The debt should not have been issued with a CCJ requesting you to pay

Is the Statute-Barred Rule Legal?

Yes, it is. These rules are part of the Limitations Act 1980, and they are there to protect you from unfair practice. Technically, if you have a debt that is six years and the creditor hasn't been chasing you and hasn't taken any steps to get their debt back. It's unfair for them to ask for the debt after six years.

Is It Possible for All Debts to Become Statute-Barred?

Not all debts after six years can become statute-barred. As mentioned above, it only applies to most unsecured debts. Some of them include:

  • Credit and store cards
  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • Rent arrears
  • Debt from family and friends
  • Mortgages
  • Hire-purchase

Debt isn't covered if it has a County Court Judgement against it or tax debts. The Limitation Act can only stop court action, but some debts can be collected using other methods not involving the court, such as tax credit overpayment or benefit.

Does This Mean The Debt Is Really Wiped?

Your debt after six years isn't really wiped. It only means the debt collectors and creditors can't do anything legally to get the money from you unless you choose to pay. They can, however, continue to try to collect from you.

My Debt Is Statute-Barred.. What’s Next?

After six years, is your debt written off, and a debt collector is still chasing you? You have to write a letter to your creditors asking them to stop chasing you. Dealing with debt collectors can be very stressful. But, there is a better way of dealing with them.

Is It Against the Law for a Creditor to Take Me to Court for a Statute-Barred Debt?

If a creditor issues you a court claim, it's important to respond to the court, informing them that the debt is statute-barred. But you have to provide more information, and there might be a court hearing to look into your case further.

If the debt is six years and indeed statute-barred, the claim will be thrown and you will not receive a CCJ. But if the opposite happens, you'll get a CCJ.

How Can I Get Debt Payment Assistance?

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for six years for your debt to be written off. There are various options you can get payment assistance to clear your debts. Clearing your debts will save you the stress of dealing with debt collectors and the government offers several options for you to clear your debt.

Let DoNotPay Help You With Your Debt

If your debt is written off after six years and the debt collectors keep calling you, DoNotPay can assist you. DoNotPay will assist you in determining if the debt collector agency is following the debt collection laws. Once you have answered the question asked by DoNotPay, we will help you know the next action to take. DoNotPay can also send debt collectors a demand letter for you.

Just do the following simple steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay and search for "debt collection".


  2. DoNotPay will ask you a few questions that you have to answer honestly. Some questions include when and how creditors contacted you. The questions will assist DoNotPay in knowing whether the debt collecting agency has violated any laws.


  3. Follow our guidance to determine what you want to do such as demand debt collectors to stop calling you, file a debt verification request, or report the agency to the appropriate trade association.


DoNotPay can assist with debt collection issues no matter what company it may be. We have dealt with other collection agencies such as:

Lowell FinancialMoorcroft Debt RecoveryDWP Debt Management
Advantis Debt CollectionMarston Group HoldingsCabot Financial

You can also use the app to process:

Other Things DoNotPay Can Assist You With

In addition to dealing with your debt after six years, DoNotPay can help you with other financial and legal issues such as:

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