What You Should Know About the Iowa Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord Protection What You Should Know About the Iowa Landlord-Tenant Law

What You Should Know About Iowa Landlord-Tenant Law

The landlord-tenant laws explain both parties' rights and obligations when drafting a lease document. For individuals looking for leases in Iowa State, understanding could help avoid lawsuits that can destroy the business relationship between the landlord and tenant.

To make things easier,  helps you ensure that all the demands in the Iowa rental laws are understood and met accordingly. DoNotPay can also help you get back your security deposit, contest an eviction threat and sue your landlord for a deposit.

Various Laws and Rights Regarding Tenants in Iowa

Iowa Landlord-Tenant Laws about Repairs

If tenants request repairs, they must do so in writing by sending a notice to the landlord via certified mail or presenting it in person. The landlord then has 7 days to make the necessary repairs after receiving the notice.

Tenants must give the landlord access to the property to make the repairs. If repairs aren't made even after the landlord is given reasonable time, the law allows the tenants to withhold rent, repair and deduct the amount used, file lawsuits, or report the issue to health, safety, fire, or energy inspectors.

Iowa Landlord Tenant Law Regarding Pets

Iowa landlord-tenant laws do not have any specific clauses regarding pets, which implies that landlords are lawfully permitted to create their pet policies and requirements that include tolerance for breeds, size, and types. Thus, pet laws vary from one landlord to the other. Tenants should check with their landlords to know their policies and requirements for pets.

Iowa Landlord Tenant Eviction Law

Iowa eviction laws vary across counties;  however, they still follow the same general process:

  • Sending a clear written notice
  • Filling out the forms
  • Serving the tenant
  • Attending the trial
  • Waiting for judgment

Reasons for Eviction

  1. Failure to comply with the rent deadline
  2. Violation of the lease
  3. Conducting illegal activity such as theft, violence
  4. Safety violation
  5. Non-renewal of the lease after the rental period ends

Iowa Late Rental Fees

If the renter fails to pay rent on time, the landlord can charge the following:

RentLate Fee
$700 or lower/month$12/day of late payment
Exceeds $700$20/day or $100/month only

The state lacks the legal requirement for grace periods.

Tenant’s Remedies

If a landlord fails to perform some of their key obligations, such as making repairs or is involved in harassment, the tenant may file a complaint or end the agreement by giving proper written notice. In some cases, the tenant may make repairs and deduct the cost from the rent owed to the landlord. However, specific procedures must be considered to end an agreement or withhold rent.

How to Report a Landlord in Iowa State

To report your landlord in Iowa State for harassment issues or forceful eviction, the law requires you to contact the Iowa Civil Rights Commission by calling 1-800-457-4416 to file a housing discrimination complaint with a housing intake staff person.

  1. When a verified complaint is received, it is reviewed to determine whether it meets the statutory requirements of Iowa Code chapter 216. A complaint must be filed with the commission 300 days after the alleged misconduct.
  2. During the process, the parties may decide to settle the complaint through a mediation process.
  3. At any time, the complainant may file an action directly in district court regardless of whether an administrative complaint has been filed.
  4. During the investigation, each party is interviewed, and additional records are collected. At the same time, witnesses are contacted and interviewed. Upon completing the investigation, the investigator may proceed to the administrative law judge to determine whether there is the probable cause which, if proven, the parties are granted 20 days to decide whether to proceed with the commission or district court.

How to Report a Landlord in Iowa State with the Help of DoNotPay

If you want to report your landlord in Iowa and you don't know where to begin, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

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And that's it! You should hear back from your landlord directly once your demands are sent.

Why Use DoNotPay to Report a landlord in Iowa State

DoNotPay’s services are a perfect solution because they are:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Not only can DoNotPay help you understand your rights as a tenant, evict your roommate, and know if a landlord can evict you without notice. It also helps you write to notify the landlord about repairs through a letter, as well as these other legal issues:

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