The Fastest Way to Send Packages to an Inmate in Indiana

Connect With an Inmate The Fastest Way to Send Packages to an Inmate in Indiana

How to Send a Package to an Inmate in Indiana

When your loved one has been incarcerated in one of the 18 correctional facilities in Indiana, you might want to send them an inmate package to let them know you are thinking of them. Of course, it is also possible to write them a letter or visit them in jail, but an inmate package is something that will help to make their life a little more comfortable while they are at the correctional facility.

The process of connecting, writing a letter, visiting, and sending packages to an inmate in Indiana is not always intuitive. You can find information about it on the Indiana Department of Corrections website, but there are so many rules and regulations surrounding these simple things that you may have a hard time figuring out how to do them.

This is where DoNotPay can step in. With DoNotPay's Connect With an Inmate service, you can easily find your loved one, set up a virtual mailbox to receive mail from them, or send them a letter along with a photograph. DoNotPay will simplify the entire process of staying in touch with your loved one with one easy-to-use interface.

How to Find a Loved One Incarcerated in Indiana

If you don't know exactly where your loved one has been incarcerated, you can do a search on the Indiana Department of Corrections website. There are two ways in which you can search for a loved one incarcerated in Indiana so you can call, write, or send them a package:

Via First and Last NameYou can enter their first and last name. This may not work if they have a very common first and last name, but it is an option.
Via Inmate NumberYou can enter their DOC number if you know it. This is sure to give you the result that you're looking for.

How to Visit a Loved One Incarcerated in Indiana

You'll need to get approved with a paper form and then schedule your visits online to visit a loved one in a correctional facility in Indiana. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Get approved as a visitor by filling out a paper form.
  2. Once you have been approved, you can schedule your visits. Remember that this system uses Eastern time and adjust your timings accordingly if needed.
  3. Carry a valid form of ID, and be prepared to answer questions about your state of health (because of the possibility of Covid or some other illness).
  4. You can only shake hands/hug at the beginning and end of the visit.
  5. Visits are one-hour long.
  6. You will receive notifications regarding visits on the email you signed up with.
  7. You do not have to wear a mask at this time.

How to Write and Send Packages to an Inmate in Indiana

There are several things you need to keep in mind when you write or send packages to an inmate in Indiana. The most important thing is to address your letters/packages correctly and only send the items that inmates are allowed to receive.

  • You'll need to have the inmate's full name and DOC number which you can look up on the IDOC website.
  • You'll also need the name and address of the correctional facility. This can also be found on the IDOC website.
  • Include the inmate's name, DOC number, facility name, and facility address on the envelope when you address the letter.
  • Keep in mind that your letter will be read at the facility before going to the inmate.
  • Your letter will be photocopied, and this photocopy will be given to the inmate.
  • When it comes to packages, an inmate is allowed to receive general correspondence, legal correspondence, and publications that are sent directly by the publisher.

How to Send an iCare Package to an Inmate in Indiana

You can also send the inmate an iCare package by going to the iCare website. There are a variety of packages available, from food packages to writing packages (to enable the inmate to write letters to the outside.

  1. You'll have to locate the facility you are sending the package to by state and find your loved one by entering their name or inmate number.
  2. Once you've found your loved one, go through the packages available for that facility and pick the one you want. The items available for you to choose from have been pre-approved by that facility.
  3. Make your online purchase. You'll get an email confirmation and your package will be delivered.
  4. Keep in mind that the facility may only allow the inmate to receive a package on a certain day of the week. So s/he will not receive it before that day.
  5. It is also possible to order a visitation meal via iCare. This meal will be delivered when you visit the inmate.

Using DoNotPay to Stay in Touch With Loved Ones Incarcerated in Indiana

When your loved one is incarcerated in Indiana, you no doubt want to stay in touch with them by writing letters, calling them, visiting them, and sending them packages to let them know you are thinking of them. However, there are so many rules and regulations to follow within the Indiana Department of Corrections that you might not know where to begin.

DoNotPay can help you to stay in touch with your loved ones by locating them, creating a virtual mailbox, and sending a personalized letter with a photo. Take this first step to locate and get in touch with your loved one. Writing a letter might be very simple for you, but it will mean the world to your loved one who is incarcerated.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Locate the Connect With an Inmate service on DoNotPay.


  2. Choose whether you want to locate a loved one, create a virtual mailbox, or send a personalized letter.


  3. If you want us to find your loved one, provide his or her personal details and the state they are located in. We'll then conduct a search on the appropriate state database.


  4. If you want to create a virtual mailbox, just provide your full name! We'll set one up for you so you can easily receive incoming mail from your loved one.


  5. If sending a personalized letter, tell us which facility your loved one is located in and what you would like to say to them. You can even include a photo! Your letter will be delivered automatically - just wait 10 days for it to arrive to your loved one!


What Else Can You Do With DoNotPay?

If you've tried the DoNotPay Connect With an Inmate service, and you're happy with the result, keep in mind that there are other things that you can do with DoNotPay.

Keeping in touch with a loved one who has been incarcerated is important, as is visiting them and show them your support with packages. If you're having a hard time figuring out how to do these things within the prison system, don't worry. DoNotPay can help you out. DoNotPay's Connect With an Inmate product will simplify the process of staying in touch with your loved one.

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