Influencer Contract Template—Study It Before You Sign It

Standardized Legal Documents Influencer Contract Template—Study It Before You Sign It

Which Elements Need To Be Included in an Influencer Contract Template?

Influencers are becoming increasingly popular, and brands are investing more in this type of marketing. As online marketing jobs are becoming more popular, so is the demand for an airtight influencer contract template.

DoNotPay can help you with advice for any type of legal document, including contracts for influencers. Even if you are not a legal documents expert, we can teach you how to write contracts and how to choose the best influencer contract template available online by breaking down the key elements it should contain.

What Is an Influencer Contract?

Influencer contracts are pretty new and exciting. They specify the work of an influencer (a person with a sizable following on social media platforms) promoting a brand, goods, or services of a company. In turn, a company has obligations to pay influencers on time and fulfill other legal obligations defined in the contract.

Influencer contracts are also called influencer agreements, social media contracts, or influencer marketing contracts, and they are written agreements. These agreements have to be very specific and thorough so that all parties are on the same page and everyone’s interests are protected.

The Most Important Aspects of an Influencer Contract Template

An influencer contract template should include certain elements so that the document is transparent and fair to both sides. The core of an influencer contract should contain the following information:

  • The work expected from the influencer—What the influencer needs to achieve in a set time, if there is a target goal for the number of followers, traffic, products sold, etc.
  • Compensation details for providing the described services—How the influencer will be paid, e.g., they can get money, free products, bonuses, etc.
  • The duration of the contract—How long the influencer will be promoting the brand
  • Exclusivity—If there is any confidential info or the influencer is limited to promoting only one brand at a time

These are some of the focal points of a simple social media contract template. Consulting a licensed attorney before signing a document like this one is always recommended.

Influencers can’t skyrocket a brand’s popularity overnight, but some social media metrics can be observed, and the promotion campaign efficiency can be monitored—all of which should be set out clearly in the said contract.

How To Make a Solid Influencer Contract Template

We’ve divulged the key details of the influencer contract above, but now it’s time to get to the specifics. Here are the crucial legal elements an influencer contract template should contain:

Influencer Contract ElementDescription
Terms of the agreementRegular terms included in every contract, like names of the parties, their addresses, and the effective date
Timeline of the campaignThe duration of the influencer promotion campaign, specifically defining the relation of the parties, i.e., whether the influencer will become a long-term brand ambassador
Content creation specificsThe obligations of the influencer:

  • Requested hashtags
  • Deadlines
  • Edits and changes to the content
  • Brand follower growth and the number of likes
  • Status and post format
  • Cross-sharing on multiple social platforms
  • The requested amount of blogs, posts, videos
PaymentCompensation details including bonuses, free merchandise, and other benefits
Advertiser policiesEvery company has specific policies that influencers must follow (e.g., no cussing, mentioning the competition, or avoiding some phrases)
ConfidentialityThe influencer must only share information their employer is willing to share, as they will obtain certain sensitive information during their employment
ExclusivityA non-compete clause prohibiting the influencer from promoting competitor companies for a specified period
Damages clauseA clause specifying the repercussions and damages in case of breach of contract
SignaturesSignatures from both parties to make the contract legally binding and enforceable

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