Indiana's Landlord-Tenant Law Regarding Air Conditioning

Landlord Protection Indiana's Landlord-Tenant Law Regarding Air Conditioning

The State Of Indiana's Landlord-Tenant Law Concerning Air Conditioning

Each state has slightly different rules regulating the landlord-tenant relationship. This post takes a closer look at the , including whether it is required to be provided and who has the responsibility for maintenance. If you have an issue with your landlord you are unsure how to handle, be sure you check the laws and provisions where you live before deciding what actions to take. You might also consider speaking with a tenant's rights attorney if the laws are unclear.

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Indiana's Tenant And Landlord Rules For Providing Air Conditioning

The require that a landlord provide heat but air conditioning is not a requirement. If the air conditioning unit was already there and in working order, the landlord is expected to provide maintenance. The issue of who is responsible for anything present on the property should be documented in the lease agreement, but in general, if the landlord provides it, even when provided voluntarily, it is theirs to repair.

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Fix AC In Indiana?

If the AC is the landlord's property and responsibility to maintain it, Indiana landlord-tenant laws allow the landlord a "reasonable period of time" to complete the repairs but do not specify what amount of time is reasonable. Most states allow an average of 14 days as a reasonable time frame.

How To Ask Your Landlord For AC Repairs The Right Way

Indiana allows tenants to make repair requests orally or in writing. You are strongly encouraged to make your request in writing when time allows. This enables you to keep a copy for your records and to have the request letter delivered via certified mail so that delivery can be verified as well. If the landlord fails to make the repairs within a reasonable amount of time, you will need to take legal action to resolve the issue. You could also try consulting with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, they can be reached at this information;

OfficeIndiana Civil Rights Commission (
Address100 North Senate Avenue

Indiana Government Center North, Room N300

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone Number(317)232-2600
Contact Form

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