All About Eviction Laws In Indiana

Landlord Protection All About Eviction Laws In Indiana

All About Eviction Laws In Indiana

Whether facing Indiana commercial eviction law or Steuben County Indiana laws on eviction, it's a long process that could end up before a judge.

DoNotPay has the resources to help you fight the eviction.

Eviction Laws in Indiana

, nonpayment of rent, ignoring pet restrictions, or criminal activity. They also use eviction laws in Clark County, Indiana to remove a tenant if said renter vandalized or damaged — "committed waste" — to the property.

Indiana law forced eviction subtenant is also legal. A renter violates a lease that says they cannot turn the unit over to another party.

For all the legitimate reasons a landlord may have for removing a tenant, there is a litany of inappropriate and illegal means they implement to remove a renter. Renters face intimidation and sexual harassment. Tenants get pressure to leave as landlords look to convert to condos or sell for a big fat check.

Reasons to Fight a Wrongful Eviction in Indiana

You may face Indiana eviction laws for tenants that have only been there 2 weeks or eviction renting laws with children in Indiana. Whatever the circumstances, you have the right to due process.

Keep track of all transactions that prove you're maintaining your side of the rental agreement, including paying rent on time and keeping the unit up to agreed-upon standards. 

Here are other reasons to sue for wrongful eviction.

  • The landlord cuts off utilities.
  • There's entry onto the property without consent.
  • Others go into the unit without consent or prior notice.
  • The landlord shows up at your job.
  • The landlord withholds the security deposit.

What Does the Eviction Process Look Like in Indiana?

Here are some steps you encounter in an eviction process.

  • If the issue is failure to pay rent, the landlord can serve a 10-day notice to quit or cure.
  • A landlord can serve the notice to anyone living on the premises place it on your door or in a conspicuous place on the property. The landlord may also use USPS via registered mail.
  • If you don't vacate based on the notice, the landlord starts court proceedings for eviction laws in Evansville, Indiana.
  • The landlord will see the court clerk schedule a hearing.
  • If you don't show up for the Johnson County Indiana housing and eviction law hearing, there will be a summary judgment. That lets the landlord go forward with a writ of possession, the process of forcibly evicting you.
Does my landlord have to warn me before I can be evicted?Yes, they have to give you written notice that they want you to vacate.
What if I do not move out after I get an eviction notice?With Indiana law on eviction and getting your stuff out of the house, you get a 30-day writ of possession. During that time, the landlord can schedule a time with law enforcement to supervise your removal.

What Are My Rights as a Tenant in Indiana?

Indiana renter rights include:

  • Having a habitable environment
  • Responsible upkeep of the premises
  • Working utilities
  • A right to privacy
  • A right to enter the home
  • A right to legal action
  • A right of a returned security deposit

Indiana Security Deposit Laws

Under Indiana eviction law, the landlord has to return your security deposit within 45 days after you leave the rental property (and return the keys). If any portion is withheld, the landlord must detail what and why in writing.

A landlord can keep all or a portion of your deposit if the reason for eviction is you're behind on rent payments.

How to Fight Indiana Eviction by Yourself

Here are a few tips for tackling eviction.

  • If the eviction's based on missing rent payments, apply for rental assistance.
  • Attend the hearing to defend. Many tenants don't show and lose by default.
  • Talk with a tenant rights attorney.
  • Appeal the court order, but that's a difficult process. It's rare for higher courts to reverse an eviction.
  • Negotiate with the landlord. Agree on correcting whatever issue prompted the eviction.

Next Steps for Fighting Eviction if You Can’t Do It Yourself

A determined landlord uses the power of the law to evict you. They'll have a lawyer skilled in tenant law.

With DoNotPay, you put the full power of the law on your side. We give you all the right tools. You access ways to submit documents and for taking your landlord to court.

Solve Getting Evicted in Indiana With the Help of DoNotPay

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