How to Obtain Indian River County Building Permits

Planning Permissions How to Obtain Indian River County Building Permits

How to Apply for Indian River County Building Permits

If you want to undertake construction work, you will likely require a building permit. A building permit is a legal document acquired from the county building department before construction begins. However, it can take a lot of time to get . The long and tedious process can stall your building timelines and cause you frustration.

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Reasons to Get a Building Permit in Indian River County

Some of the reasons include:

SafetyYou need to ensure safety at the construction site as well as the safety of the neighbors during construction. Permits are only given to those buildings that meet the safety standards.
SecurityIn the unfortunate event of an accident or a fire causing destruction, a permit comes in handy because you can seek compensation. Insurance firms only cover buildings that have acquired building permits.
Legal IssuesWithout a permit, it may be very hard for you to sell the house in the future. Your house will also not qualify for inspection if you do not get a building permit.

Building Works that Require Permits in Indian River County

  • Duplexes
  • Townhomes
  • Townhouses
  • Private gardens
  • Accessory structures like sheds, garages, and playhouses less than 200ft squared
  • Decks, porches, and stoops
  • Fences less than 6ft in height
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Nightclubs
  • Taverns
  • Professional offices
  • Storage
  • Daycare
  • Dormitories
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and motels
  • Public pools
  • Factories
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Theatres

How to Get a Building Permit in Indian River County

1. In-Person

Go to the construction offices and apply for a permit. You need to establish the working hours and this involves a lot of work and not to mention time-wasting.

2. Online

The Indian River County building department has provided an online option for building permit applications. Click on the website and provide the details required for filling out the forms. This can really cause you delays and frustrations as it requires regular follow-up. You also need to do thorough research on the requirements for your project's permit.

The permit process entails:

  • Submit the Construction Plans for Review

All your drawing plans must first be submitted for review. Every building has stated requirements that are provided by the construction department. Such requirements include plumbing work, electrical work, mechanical work, or fire protection systems.

The plans must be in the required dimensions and specifications. This will clearly take so much of your time and money. It can, in turn, cause a big delay to your work, but DoNotPay can make this process swift and get your construction underway in no time.

  • Application for a Permit

Once the drawings are approved and all preliminary requirements are met, you can now proceed with applying for the permit. You can walk to the Indian River County construction offices to get the forms or you can apply electronically. Given the complex nature of projects, applications can take a lot of your time and drain you physically and emotionally.

  • Application for Sign Permits

Apply for sign permits that allow you to put it up at the construction site. The process is lengthy and can lead to delays, especially if you need to start quickly. DoNotPay offers fast service and gets your construction started immediately.

  • Approval

The process of approval of building permits in Indian River County involves intense follow-up and a string of correspondence. If you choose to do it alone, it can take so much time and you need a lot of patience. You may not have the luxury of walking to the offices every day and making follow-up phone calls, since it is very time-consuming.

  • Permit Issue

Following completion of all approvals, the last step is the issuing of permits. Building permits in Indian River County are issued in the name of the property owner. As easy as it may seem, it takes a lot of time to get the permit and may cause a lot of delays.

Get a Building Permit in Indian River County With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay is an online service that is easy and efficient to use. DoNotPay will get your permit application process in Indian River County started and finished in no time. All you need to do is provide all your building details and DoNotPay will do the rest for you and ensure you have your permit in the shortest time.

How to apply for a building permit fast without a hassle in Indian River County with DoNotPay:

  1. Go to the Planning Permissions product on DoNotPay.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. Check whether your project needs a building permit or if it's exempt
    2. Generate a permission request letter to send to your HOA
    3. Generate a guide on how to complete the building permit application
  3. Choose the focus of your project (new ADU, pool, shed, fence, etc.) and answer a few questions about your plans, including the size of the structure and estimated cost.

  4. Indicate whether you're hiring a contractor and include the estimated start date and thetimeline for the project.
  5. Indicate whether any public sidewalk/street space will be used during construction.
  6. And that's it! DoNotPay will help guide you through the building permit process by checking if your project needs a building permit, contacting any HOAs you're a part of to request building permission, or generating detailed instructions on how to start and complete your building permit application process.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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Getting an can be very challenging, especially if you are doing it yourself. It can waste a lot of time and delay your projects. If you want to save time and avoid the hard process, DoNotPay is your ultimate solution. Sign up today for easy building permits and many other online services at the comfort of your home.

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