How to Reach the Indian Embassy in New York

Contact Embassies and Consulates How to Reach the Indian Embassy in New York

All You Need To Know About The Indian Embassy in New York

Namaste! Here you’ll find all the details about finding and getting answers from the Indian Embassy in New York. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide for Indian-Americans and American citizens, looking to contact the nearest Indian embassy to New York. Lastly, you will also be introduced to a service feature called DoNotPay that helps you get across to any desired embassy with ease. 

The Indian Embassy New York

The Indian embassy in New York - rightly, known as the Consulate General of India (CGI) New York, is one of the six diplomatic locations of the Indian government in the US.

Established in 1948, the consul's office operates from its 71-year-old building in New York and caters to a wide range of diplomatic services which are listed below in this article. The primary focus of the consulate is to improve Indian-American relationships and promote a wide range of Indian development activities cutting across culture and tradition, technology, economy, trade and investment, environmental concerns, and more.

What Areas the Indian Embassy Serves

There are five Indian consulates (which simply means Indian diplomatic offices in cities other than the US Capital) across five states and one Indian embassy in the capital of the US. If you are looking to contact the Consulate General New York, you should reside in any of these ten states:

  1. New Jersey
  2. New York
  3. Connecticut
  4. Maine
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Ohio
  9. Vermont.
  10. Massachusetts

If you cannot find your state in the list above, you can click here to check if this Indian consulate covers your location. 

Finding The Indian Consulate in New York

The Indian consulate is at the center of 5th Avenue (to the left), Madison Avenue (to the right), and close to New York Central Park. Around the area, you’ll also find other consulates like the consulate of Pakistan and that of Congo. Here is the official address:

Consulate General of India

3 East 64th Street (Between 5th and Madison Avenue)

New York, NY 10065

Contacting The Consulate General of India in New York

The Indian consulate provides a range of channels that you can use to communicate your inquiries. You should note, however, that responses may take between 2 - 3 days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the embassy contact details:


Consulate General of India

3 East 64th Street

New York, NY 10065 (Between 5th and Madison Avenues)

  • Official contact 347-721-9243
  • Emergency contact (outside office hours) 917-815-7066


Social Media 
  1. Youtube: @IndiainNewYork
  2. Twitter: @IndiainNewYork
  3. Facebook: @IndiainNewYork
  4. Instagram: @IndiaInNewYork
  5. LinkedIn: CGI New York
Office Hours

9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

As general advice, because of the number of daily visitors and the lack of adequate parking, it is strongly advised that you travel by public transport.

Services Offered At The Indian Consulate New York

The Indian consulate in New York is one of the busiest Indian consulates in the US. Here are some issues you can solve at the consulate:


  1. Visa application, renewal, and processing.
  2. Passport application, renewal, and processing
  3. Transfer of possessions and remains of lost loved ones.
  4. Processing and granting of Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)
  5. Inquiries about the Global Entry Program (GEP) for Indian Citizens.
  6. How to go about renouncing your Indian citizenship.
  7. Documentation and travel advisory for emergency travel
  8. Notarization services
  9. Other miscellaneous services such as affidavits and document attestation, birth, death, and marriage certificates, police clearance, and others.
  10. Child adoption guidelines
  11. Vaccine and COVID-19 guidelines
  12. Custom and import guidelines

Contact The Consulate of India New York With DoNotPay

The Indian Consulate in New York has a few spaces available in its waiting area and encourages you to seek other methods of contact before you make an appointment. Alternatively, you can use DoNotPay to make an inquiry and contact the embassy easily. Here’s how:

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