Do You Need an Independent Contractor Agreement in Florida?

Standardized Legal Documents Do You Need an Independent Contractor Agreement in Florida?

A Well-Prepared Independent Contractor Agreement in Florida

Are you self-employed? Do you need an independent contractor agreement in Florida? This article offers answers and information on how to create contracts of all sorts, including this one.

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Are You an Independent Contractor?

If you are not sure whether an employer—or a contractee—classifies you as an independent contractor, here are some questions you could answer to determine that:

Question Independent Contractor Employee
Do you set your own working hours? Yes No
Are you required to report for work at the same time each day? No Yes
Do you bring your own tools and equipment to the job site? Yes No
Do you decide how to complete the job or project? Yes No
Does your employer give you Form 1099-MISC? Yes No
Do you get Form W-2? No Yes

Unlike full-time or part-time employees, independent contractors have more control over:

  • Their work hours 
  • The way they implement activities and projects

If you need more information, you can consult:

  1. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 1779
  2. A list of all forms necessary for independent contractors
  3. Chapter 440 Section 02 of Florida Statutes to check if you meet the definition of independent contractor

What Records Do You Need To Keep?

If you are an independent contractor, you need to keep accurate records of your:

  • Expenses
  • Income, i.e., all (cash) payments you receive for any performed work

Here is what you should keep track of for each payment:

  1. The date you were paid
  2. The amount you received
  3. Who paid you
  4. A description of the performed work
  5. List and receipts of items and supplies purchased to carry out the project

You should be as precise as possible since good record-keeping can:

  • Protect you from any potential exploitation
  • Provide opportunities for you to deduct business expenses when filing your return
  • Support you if you:
    • Get audited
    • Have a worker classification dispute 

The best possible way for you to keep track of all activities, deliverables, fees, and other relevant work-related aspects is to prepare and sign an independent contractor agreement

What Is an Independent Contractor Agreement in Florida?

A business and contractor—or a freelancer—should create an independent contractor agreement to outline the details of the work that will be performed. This contract should include detailed information on:

  • Deliverables
  • Compensation
  • All necessary terms of the agreement

While a verbal agreement may work, it is always better to consider putting everything in writing since a signed agreement becomes a solid basis for business collaboration and can help if it comes to legal disputes. 

How To Draft an Independent Contractor Agreement in Florida

You can prepare an independent contractor agreement using one of the following:

Draw Up an Independent Contractor Agreement Using

More Information

Contract templates You can find templates online, but keep in mind that:

  • As most available free templates are too general, you will need to adapt them to your upcoming project
  • Some platforms will charge you if you would like to open, download, and change their contract templates
A lawyer’s assistance While you should consult a lawyer when you need any type of legal document or contract, this service can be pricey. If you would want to play safe and still consult a lawyer, we suggest that you reduce your expenses by:

  • Preparing a document via DoNotPay
  • Sending the generated document to a lawyer for review—this way, he or she should not charge you as much as for creating a contract from scratch 
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Should You Get Your Independent Contractor Agreement Notarized?

If you need to get an independent contractor agreement notarized for court or some other legal matters, you can do it efficiently via DoNotPay. 

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