How To Put an End to Inconsiderate Neighbor’s Parking

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What Can I Do About Inconsiderate Neighbor’s Parking?

Imagine being late for work and starting up a car fast only to realize that your neighbor blocked the entrance to your driveway. It’s maybe even more infuriating than coming home from a long day at work and realizing that someone occupied your parking space.

If you’re having parking issues with your neighbors, it might be time to take some action. This article will show you how to deal with your inconsiderate neighbors parking in front of your home!

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Types of Parking Issues With Neighbors

In the following table, you can learn about the most common parking issues you might come across if your neighbors are drivers:

Parking Issues With Inconsiderate NeighborsDescription
Parking in front of your houseIf you don’t have a garage or driveway, you might need the space in front of your house to park the car. While there are no laws that prohibit your neighbor from parking their vehicle outside your home, experiencing it can be a real nuisance
Occupying your parking spaceResidents of some buildings—usually in blocks of flats—sometimes have labeled parking spots. Unless you have a marked parking space, there is not much you can do when your neighbor occupies it
Blocking the viewWhen your neighbor parks their car on the curb in front of your driveway, it might be more than annoying. You need an unobstructed view to back out of your driveway. Blocking that view with their car can be hazardous and potentially life-threatening
Blocking your drivewayA neighbor who parks their car in your driveway is a whole new level of thoughtless. On top of it being irritating, there is not much you can do about it besides calling the cops on the counts of trespassing or getting a towing service

Neighbors Parking in Front of Your House—What To Keep in Mind

Before you file a complaint against a neighbor parking their car in front of your house, you should consider the following:

  • Parking space that’s on the street doesn’t belong to you, even if it’s in front of your property
  • Local bylaws set the rules and restrictions regarding the day, usage, and location of street parking—check them out to see whether they apply to your situation
  • Your neighbor can park in front of your house if they have a residential parking permit
  • Parking signs or markings—such as yellow lines—indicate whether your neighbor (or anyone else) is allowed to park there or not

What To Do if a Neighbor Keeps Parking in Front of My House

If you decide to take matters into your own hands, we recommend some of these strategies:

  1. Talking to your neighbor
  2. Documenting the complaint
  3. Writing a complaint letter to your neighbor
  4. Getting a mediator
  5. Contacting your city or county officials

Talking to the Neighbor

You should always talk to your neighbor before considering any other approach. They might not be aware of the problem they’re making, and they might be willing to move their car without further discussion. When discussing the matter, don’t accuse the neighbor—lay out your concerns instead.

Documenting the Complaint

A friendly discussion won’t always work. In case that happens, you should gather the evidence to file a complaint. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take photos or videos
  • Write down notes
  • Get a witness
  • Research the local bylaws

Writing a Complaint Letter

The most important aspects of a complaint letter to your neighbor include:

  1. Specifying your concerns
  2. Providing evidence of the issue
  3. Offering potential solutions
  4. Describing what you plan on doing if they don’t cooperate

Getting a Mediator

If you can’t reach an agreement with your neighbor, you should seek mediation. A neutral third party will help you find the solution that works for both sides.

Involving a City or County Official

If your neighbor’s inconsiderate parking is violating the municipal bylaws, you can contact your local government and have them deal with the problem.

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