Finding the Best Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Finding the Best Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

All You Need To Know About Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Immunotherapy is a specific kind of treatment that relies on immune cells’ quality enhancement and enables the human body to fight cancer cells. Scientists discovered it during the 19th century and kept improving the formula until it took its present form.

This type of therapy is still one of the main subjects of clinical trials around the world, given the increase in cancer cases and the huge number of people dying from this disease annually. The examinations that take place in renowned institutions and the amazing results they bring attract a lot of attention, which is why many people decide to participate in clinical trials. If you are one of them, say goodbye to typing “clinical trials near me” a thousand times and going through more than ten pages of Google search. Prepare to hear more about immunotherapy and learn how to find clinical trials to your liking with zero effort, as well as medical surveys and paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers.

A Word or Two About Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trials 

Research teams all over the USA are striving to find the missing puzzle piece and create even better ways of implementing immunotherapy in regular cancer treatment procedures. 

Hundreds of medicines related to this type of therapy are still waiting to get tested and approved. This is why experts throughout the USA encourage patients to become a part of initiatives like these. The immunotherapy clinical trial definition is simple—these cellular treatments involve drug safety examination and medicine efficacy monitoring on a specific patient profile. 

All of them consist of several clinical trial phases, which you can see on the list below:



  • The number of participants is up to 30 
  • The optimal drug dose is being determined
  • Treatment implementation (pills, injections, etc.) is determined by researchers in this phase
  • Body reactions are noted by the team, as well as possible side effects and whether the medicine affects cancer cells


  • The number of participants is up to 100
  • Experts gain a better insight into therapy effects
  • The team tests the patients suffering from a specific type of cancer and observes the immune system reaction


  • The number of participants is up to several thousand
  • Participant profiles include people of all ages, races, nationalities, etc.
  • The team performs a comparative analysis between regular types of cancer treatment and immunotherapy medicine


  • The experts observe the long-term reaction to the medicine after it gets approved 

What’s the Desired Patient Profile for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials?

The answer is—it doesn’t exist. There’s no universal type of person eligible or perfect for every clinical study. Different clinical trials treat different types of cancers with diverse medicines, and the researchers’ preferences depend on the type of trial.

Patients in a specific stage of the disease who have already received certain types of therapy are usually the first researchers take into account. This means that your chances of being accepted as a participant will be higher if you have previously undergone radiation, chemotherapy, or any other type of treatment that hasn’t yielded significant results.

The tested treatment might affect your condition much more if you suffer from some other illnesses too. Some criteria that might exclude you from an immunotherapy clinical trial are:

  • Cardiac illnesses
  • Unstable and untreated brain metastases
  • Acute antibiotic use due to inflammation or infections
  • Another type of cancer survived before the current condition
  • Autoimmune diseases, such as Myasthenia gravis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and other

If you are thinking about participating in immunotherapy clinical research, you should consult your doctor and ask for their opinion. You need to be sure that your condition is stable enough for you to undergo such a procedure. 

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  7. Select Contact Now

The system will notify you every time a new study that matches your criteria appears. All our lists are up-to-date and you can choose as many clinical trials to participate in as your heart desires. 

Other Ways To Find Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

You would like to find the clinical trials by yourself? No worries—even though you can’t find a quicker resolution than DoNotPay, you can still try searching for studies on numerous relevant websites and platforms. Have a look at this overview that shows the top three options:

Website/OrganizationSteps To Follow

Moffitt Cancer Center

  1. Go to the Research tab
  2. Pick the type of cancer and type Immunotherapy in the Find a Clinical Trial section
  3. Click on the yellow Search button

  1. Go to the Find a Study section
  2. Modify the criteria to your liking
  3. Type Immunotherapy in the Other terms box
  4. Click on Search

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

  1. Go to About Cancer
  2. Select Clinical Trials
  3. Click on Find NCI-Supported Clinical Trials
  4. Type Immunotherapy in the Cancer Type/Keyword field
  5. Enter your age and zip code
  6. Hit Find Trials

Benefits of Immunotherapy Clinical Studies

A serious process such as immunotherapy might look risky, and, indeed, there’s always a chance that you may face certain side effects or condition deterioration. Note that you should also have a look at the key benefits you can get from participating in immunotherapy clinical research.

Cancer is a specific type of disease and resolutions proposed by the researchers in the immunotherapy field might give encouraging results even in case you lost your faith. Some drug varieties manage to keep numerous types of cancer under control or even cure them. The examination goes on and it might save your life and improve your overall well-being.

Apart from that, you can consider yourself privileged, since statistics say that only 6% of cancer patients decide to participate in clinical trials. This means that the remaining 94% don’t have access to the therapy you have—you will be among the first people who will benefit from it.

What About the Safety of the Immunotherapy Clinical Research?

If the general safety of clinical study conditions is what worries you, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Verified clinics, hospitals, and institutions and their Institutional Research Boards (IRB) provide the safest conditions and constant monitoring to protect patients.

Before you decide whether you want to participate, the researchers will provide you with a document called informed consent. It involves a full clinical trial description and lists of risks and benefits, and you should make sure to read through all these details before you sign.

You should also note that informed consent isn’t the same as a regular contract—it doesn’t obligate you to remain a part of the process until the end. This means that you can stop participating at any time, without being afraid of fees or similar issues that are usually related to contracts.

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